How to Create the Largest Voter Fraud Operation in History

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Dominion Voting Systems may have won a big settlement in its suit against Fox News, but new concerns about election technology have popped up.

But before we leave the subject of vote-counting machines, I must point out that the simultaneous stopping of vote counting in six swing states in the 2020 presidential election with Donald Trump ahead, then with Joe Biden ahead when counting resumed has never been explained.  Until it is, don’t ask me to believe U.S. elections can’t be stolen.  Don’t forget: the guy sitting in the Oval Office is the guy who said he created the largest voter fraud operation in history.  Slip of the tongue, as his defenders say?  You bet.

But on with the show.  There are machines that count votes and there are other election-related technologies that perform other functions and can make our elections less secure.  It’s amazing how the Left has wrapped its tentacles around all of it, but more is being challenged after being brought out into the light.

Concerns are mounting about “Albert Sensors”, installed in most states’ election systems by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) supposedly to detect network intrusions.  But CIS is a left-wing private nonprofit, partnered with DHS, that is a major player in the federal government’s censorship scheme to suppress supposed ‘misinformation’ about the 2020 presidential election, a scheme now fully documented both through the Twitter Files and the Missouri-Louisiana censorship case in federal court.  Unfortunately for CIS, there is no evidence the Albert Sensors have ever detected a single election network intrusion, but they have failed to detect some that did occur, leading some counties to cancel their contracts with CIS.  So what are Albert Sensors really doing?  Critics say the answer is: giving the federal government real-time data about the status of election results so results can be manipulated to get favored candidates installed in office fraudulently.  It is said most elections officials aren’t even aware Albert Sensors are in use, much less what they can be used for.

There is also fresh news about Konnech, the Chinese-tied election administration software vendor suspected of shipping data about U.S. election workers to China.  A recent whistleblower lawsuit makes detailed allegations about such data ending up in China.  Another whistleblower stepped forward this month saying he personally witnessed U.S. election worker data being made available to people in China.  Konnech is apparently making a show of dismissing its Chinese employees, but quietly rehiring them as independent contractors to perform the exact same duties.  The whistleblower says the company told him to tell customers data was not being stored in China, where the Chinese Communist Party has access to it.  Konnech’s CEO Eugene Yu was arrested in October for storing election worker data on Chinese servers in violation of its contract with Los Angeles County, but the charges were dropped for supposed ‘bias’ in the investigation.  The County said it would assemble a more expert team to assess whether charges should be re-brought, but not a peep since.

Election integrity advocates are also concerned about software installed in 36 states that handles election management, election night reporting, and voter registration.  It goes by various names, but it all ultimately traces back to one owner, a company called KowINK.  Critics say the software is not certified and connects to the Internet where it can be hacked.  An audit in New Mexico where the software is used found manipulation in voter rolls and election night reporting.  Backdated entries were found in Hawaii’s voter registration database, suggesting the entries were fabricated.  That apparently happened in North Carolina where there were unexplained entries appearing in current voter rolls that should have been in the publicly available historical copies, but weren’t.

Meanwhile, concerns continue to swirl around tabulators, the electronic voting machines that count votes.  It was recently discovered the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC) investigated ES&S machines right before the 2020 election for leaving touch-screen voting systems in as many as 19 states vulnerable to the installation of malicious or unapproved software.   The Connecticut Secretary of State wants to replace ten-year-old tabulators that have become unreliable and can no longer be serviced because the company that made them went out of business.

If I wanted to create the largest voter fraud operation in history, I would certainly hand over large chunks of the electoral process to left-wing nonprofits whose actions leave no doubt whose side they’re on, and to the Chinese who are so contemptuous of elections they don’t even have them.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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