Attack of the Computer-Generated Donation Mules

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Today I show you we have a long way to go to clean up our elections.

The story making news is unemployed donors somehow being able to make scads of donations to Democrat political campaigns.  This sprawling network of ‘donation harvesters and mules’, as they’ve come to be called, operates in several states.  In Georgia, hundreds of unemployed donors gave over $24 million in 358,000 separate donations to Raphael Warnock’s campaign.  In Washington state, an unemployed man made over 6,000 donations to ActBlue, the Democrat fundraising site.  In one Washington county, there were almost 20 times as many donations as there are residents.  Experts suggest computer algorithms are actually laundering large donations through lots of individuals who have no idea their names are being used.  Why would this be done?  Perhaps to cover up money Democrats are getting from drug cartels and foreign countries, like China.  If you don’t like those explanations, then you explain it to me.

Democrat funny money is not the only problem besetting our elections.  Recent stories show:

Six hundred voters were allowed to vote absentee after the polls closed in Ann Arbor in violation of state law.  Some whose votes were counted had registered the day AFTER the election.

Also in Michigan, when people move from one county to another, their voter history is changed to show voting activity in the new county which actually took place in the old county.  This makes it impossible to “know exactly who voted where, when, and in what manner – absentee or in-person….”  Seems kind of screwy to me.  Citizen activists suggest this craziness is deliberate.

Noncitizens are automatically registered to vote in Washington state when they go for driver’s licenses, even though some protest they are not eligible.  State officials say state law prevents them from verifying citizenship.  Well, that’s quite a machine – automatic registration followed by ‘our hands are tied’.   How about untying them, Washington state?  The same or similar problems have been reported in other places, including California, if memory serves.

A whistleblower, a Democrat who worked in a Florida county elections office, said the creation, printing, and storage of ballots is not secure despite state regulations.  For example, there are no security cameras in storage areas and the areas are easily accessible.  In addition, chain of custody forms for mail-in ballots received are often missing.

A citizens group in Maricopa County Arizona found, based on sampling, over a hundred thousand ballot envelope signatures were completely different from the signatures on file.  The group also found affidavits unsigned or signed by someone other than the voter.  In addition, there were dead voters, people who voted more than once, and voter registration forms with incorrect signatures.

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California, which now mails ballots to all active registered voters could not account for 10 million ballots that went missing in the 2022 midterms.  That’s a lot of ballots out there to be scooped up by unscrupulous post office workers, and from apartment building lobbies and elsewhere that could be used to commit election fraud.  Not exactly a tight process, is it?  But it’s the way the Democrats want the whole country to go.

Lots of citizen activists across the country are working very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen and to tighten elections processes back up to the point where we can have confidence in our elections again.

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