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I read recently that a surprising number of Americans cannot name the three branches of government, but I had no idea nominees to the federal bench were among them.  A Biden nominee – Charnelle Marie Bjelkengren – embarrassed herself in a Senate hearing when she could not answer, when asked, what Article II of the Constitution is about.  In case you don’t know, the first three articles of the Constitution are about the three branches of government – the legislative branch in Article I, the executive branch in Article II, and the judicial branch in Article III.

Actually, I should not be surprised.  Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, when she was dean of Harvard Law School, removed the study of the Constitution from required courses and replaced it with international law.  This was part of the Left’s program to erase the American Idea and replace it with their hell-on-earth idea of utopia.  The Left’s program has been so successful that, now, even judicial nominees can’t answer basic questions about the Constitution.

She was also asked about Article V that sets out the process for amending the Constitution.  She couldn’t answer that, either.  Shame on her and the Biden administration for nominating her.

She’s not the only one deserving to be named and shamed, recently.   “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” – remember that one?  Well, Kamala Harris left out “life” when quoting from the Declaration of Independence last Sunday.  Stands to reason since she’s a rabid baby killer and she was speaking to a pro-abortion crowd in support of abortion rights.  Shame on her for wrapping herself in the flag by quoting the Declaration, but leaving off the Stars & Stripes.

Here are some others who deserve to be named and shamed:

Stanford University for claiming the term “American” is harmful and should not be used.

California Governor Gavin Newsom for saying “the Second Amendment is a suicide pact,” while surrounding himself with armed security.  ‘Security for Me, but Not for Thee’ – that should be his campaign slogan when he runs for president.

Joe Biden for watering down the U.S. citizenship test.

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Democrat Congressman Jaime Raskin for saying the Electoral College, which is part of the Constitution, is a danger to democracy.  There are reasons we have the Electoral College and what it produces, representative government, instead of direct democracy.  So here we have a member of representative government arguing to get rid of representative government.  What sense does that make?

Former CIA analyst Bob Baer for saying on national television “this freedom of speech is just nonsense.”  You don’t like being able to use the First Amendment to trash the First Amendment?  OK, we’ll start with you:  shut up.

And the student recently shown standing on the American flag in a classroom.  I don’t know who you are, but shame on you!  This country’s been very good to you.  You better get a grip before you lose it.

And that goes for the rest of you. America is the best country, ever. Stop trashing it. It’s that old saying: You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

John Stuart Mill wrote: “A people may prefer a free government; but if from indolence, or carelessness, or cowardice, or want of public spirit, they are unequal to the exertions necessary for preserving it; if they will not fight for it when directly attacked; …they are more or less unfit for liberty.”

The people I mentioned today are unfit for liberty.  But I guarantee you, you will not drag me down with you.

Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.

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