Lions, Tigers, and Polar Bears – Oh, My!

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The 27th annual U.N. climate change conference (COP27) got underway in Egypt today.  This time, they promise to get down to business, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the climate.  It has to do with poor nations shaking down rich nations for money.

More on that in a moment, but we start with the fact the United Nations, which organized the conference, has a very bad track record on climate predictions.  It predicted in 1989 entire nations would be wiped off the face of the earth if global warming was not stopped by the year 2000.  It said global warming would be irreversible after that year.  Last week – 33 years later – it said we are very close to irreversible changes in the climate.  Ah yes, climate change is the fake religion of the future – and always will be.

But a bad track record of predictions didn’t stop the climate change crowd from cranking up the propaganda machine for this year’s conference.  The past eight years were the hottest on record, the U.N. screamed.  Except there was a 20-year pause in the rise of the global mean surface temperature of the earth ending in 2019 that the climate change crowd can’t explain.  Now we’re in a New Pause.  They don’t want to talk about that, either.  They also don’t want to talk about another one of their great deceptions – rising temperatures killing more older people than ever before.  The fact of the matter is that heat deaths among the elderly are not up significantly after you adjust for population growth.

But the glaciers are disappearing, we were told in the run-up to the conference.  They say the glaciers will all be gone by 2050, but in 1923 it was predicted the glaciers in Glacier National Park would be gone by 1950.  It didn’t happen.  So they changed their prediction to 1961, then to 2000, then to 2020.  Still didn’t happen. In fact, the glaciers in the park have actually gotten bigger in the last 30 years.  You can put the disappearing glaciers right next to the disappearing coral reefs and polar bears.  They didn’t happen, either.  You know, the climate liars really should give it a rest, especially after NPR let the mask slip last month and revealed recycling is a huge fraud on a gullible public.

But let’s get down to business – there’s money to be made.  Despite repeated failures by many nations to live up to past promises, this year’s conference will extract new promises from rich nations to redistribute wealth to poor nations in the name of climate change.  ‘Loss and damage funding’, they call it.  Rich nations must pay their fair share for causing the climate change that didn’t happen or wasn’t caused by human activity, you see.  How much money are we talking about?  As much as ten times the amount rich nations are forking over now.  Poor nations will need half a trillion dollars by 2050, the U.N. says.  But why be so miserly, and why wait?  Developing countries are demanding a trillion dollars a year right now.  We feel so guilty – how can we not give it to them?

Germany is knocking down wind turbines to make way for coal mining, and the leftist finance minister there now supports fracking to boost natural gas supplies.  Climate whiz kid Greta Thunberg won’t be happy until the entire capitalist system is overthrown.  Well, that puts the true agenda right out there, doesn’t it?  The whole phony climate agenda is continually being shown as unsustainable and for the fraud it really is.

But I’ll make you a deal:  I’ll agree to a new carbon tax on fossil fuels IF you’ll agree to child and slave labor taxes on the minerals in your electric car batteries, AND a tax on Chinese influence and Russian funding of American green groups, AND a data tampering tax.  Let’s call the last one the ‘hockey stick’ tax.  It should bring in a lot of money because the climate crowd keeps cooking the books.  I’d propose a failed predictions tax, but the U.N. couldn’t afford it.

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