Election Problem Deniers, Take Note

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Election Problem Deniers, Take Note

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Today, I start a series on problems with our election system.  The election problem deniers will tell you ‘nothing to see here, move along,’ but there’s no shortage of undeniable problems.

Let’s start with stories about courts and government officials who rectified a number of problems in the days and weeks running up to the election.

The Delaware Supreme Court struck down no-fault absentee balloting and same-day voter registration because they violated the state constitution.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court invalidated the use of drop boxes which the state elections commission had instituted without authority.

Elections officials in Pennsylvania were allowing mail-in ballots returned with missing or incorrect dates on the envelope, but the state Supreme Court put a stop to it.

A Virginia judge ordered county election officials to follow state law and assign the main poll workers from different political parties in each precinct.  I’m in touch with activists from all over the country and ‘party parity’, as it is called, remains a problem in many places.

Hmm… I detect a pattern here, so far.  The problems I’ve mentioned came about because Democrats broke the law.  They’re scofflaws.

That means they have a lot in common with people recently charged with voter fraud.  Arizona indicted two people with illegal ballot harvesting last month.  They collected ballots from early voters and put them in a drop box.  That’s illegal in Arizona, but remains a problem in states like Virginia where the practice is legal.  It’s a bad practice.  Ballot harvesters have been known to pay people for votes, as in a ballot harvesting scheme just uncovered in Florida.  Also, nothing prevents fraudsters from stealing mail ballots, say, from apartment building lobbies, filling them out themselves, and dropping them in a ballot box.  There are too many loose ballots floating around before election day to think ballot harvesting is a good idea.  Ballot harvesting is a Democrat idea.  No wonder they don’t want to talk about it, or the unsecured drop boxes that enable ballot harvesting schemes.  The Chester County Pennsylvania elections board settled a lawsuit by agreeing to secure their drop boxes after activist surveillance video showed people dropping multiple ballots into the boxes.  Voters can only put their own ballot into the boxes, not ballots collected from others.  The board agreed to put up cameras and staff the boxes.

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Democrats are still trying to hang on to changes made to the electoral process because of COVID, but a state judge ruled New York can no longer use COVID as an excuse for emergency rules and knocked down absentee voting rules that had been expanded during the pandemic.  Fewer loose ballots floating around – sorry, Democrats.

For the Democrats to sustain their phony election denier and voter suppression narratives, they’re going to have to prove that all the courts, law enforcement and elections officials I mentioned here today are election deniers who are trying to suppress the vote.  They’re all part of a vast conspiracy trying to deny people their civil rights. Good luck with that.

The correct analysis is the Democrats caused a bunch of problems, they won’t talk about the problems they themselves created, and they won’t fix them until forced to.  Fine, they’re on notice: the process of fixing our elections has begun and we won’t stop until we are confident we have free and fair elections once again.  Don’t mess with OUR right to vote.

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