Ivermectin Still Getting a Bum Rap

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COVID may be old news, but I can’t let this one pass.  I heard an NPR host claim on Saturday ivermectin does not work as a treatment for COVID.  I couldn’t find the show when I looked online, and it may be that it was a re-airing of an old show.  But here are the facts about ivermectin, according to a study aggregator site:

Out of 92 studies of 134,000 patients in 27 countries comparing treatment and control groups, the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID resulted in statistically significant improvement in mortality, ventilation, ICU, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance.  Ivermectin is effective in preventing COVID on average 83 percent of the time, early treatment 62 percent of the time, and late treatment 43 percent of the time.  Improvement was shown in 53 percent of randomized controlled trials.  51 percent lower mortality was shown in 47 studies.  “Ivermectin was adopted for early treatment in all or part of 22 countries,” the site says.

So, ivermectin is not a wonder drug.  It doesn’t work perfectly or all the time.  Nothing does.  But ivermectin cuts mortality in half and has been proven beneficial in a variety of circumstances.  So anyone, like the NPR host, who claims ivermectin doesn’t work, is just plain wrong.  Yet, the government recommended against the use of ivermectin, and its willing accomplices in social media companies and the press piled on, refusing to follow the science.  Major medical journals refused to publish positive study results.  They ignored the evidence and published designed-to-fail studies with negative results, instead.  Lesser journals were pressured to retract favorable articles they ran.

But all these conspirators couldn’t suppress the truth entirely.  A doctors group sued the FDA in June for disparaging the use of ivermectin for COVID and for interfering with doctors’ ability to treat the disease according to their own professional judgment.  They warned the FDA will go right on overriding the professional judgment of doctors unless the FDA is stopped in its tracks now.

Missouri passed a law preventing state licensing boards from punishing doctors who prescribe ivermectin for COVID.  The same result was obtained in Oklahoma through an order of the state’s Attorney General.  Legislators in New Hampshire passed a bill to allow over-the-counter use of ivermectin, but the Governor successfully vetoed it.

You can add to all this the fact that the government spent a billion dollars to have media outlets like CNN and the Washington Post spread the government’s phony COVID narratives.  So all we got with ivermectin, as with all the other things I told you about last week, is government by phony narrative.  Maybe there’s just too much money in more expensive COVID treatments to expect government agencies to do the right thing and resist being captured by the drug companies.  I’ll leave the speculation to others.  But one thing is clear: the government is lying to you about ivermectin, and its lapdogs at NPR and elsewhere in the press are helping them do it.  As has been said many times, government is not the solution; it’s the problem.

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