Deconstructing the ‘Election Denier’ Smear

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The ‘election denier’ drumbeat is getting louder and more persistent.  I’m seeing lots of scare stories now, three weeks out from Election Day – ‘don’t elect election deniers; they’re a threat to democracy.’  The Democrats must think their smear job and fearmongering are working, but I assure you, they’re not.  Republicans are ready, and they have the better arguments.

Kari Lake got a question on the campaign trail about being an election denier.  She whipped out a stack of pages listing all the Democrats who have denied election results since 2000.  That would include Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton.  One thinks she’s the Governor of Georgia and the other thinks she’s President.  That’s just for starters.  The Republican Party put together a list of 150 Democrat election deniers.  The list includes Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, John Kerry, Dick Durbin, Maxine Waters, and many, many more.  You can watch a video that goes on for 12 minutes full of Democrats refusing to accept the results of elections they lost.

Another Republican candidate was ready for the smear.  Democrat Senator Patty Murray of Washington state slammed her Republican opponent Tiffany Smiley for questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.  But Smiley came right back, calling Murray a hypocrite who shouldn’t be lecturing anyone about democracy because Murray herself questioned the results of the 2004 presidential election.  Murray had no response.

But the best answer to the election denier smear came from a congressional candidate in Virginia who was asked, “Do you believe the 2020 election was free, fair and untainted, and Joe Biden is the duly elected president of the United States?”  Hung Cao responded: “Sir, Joe Biden is the president of the United States.  If you don’t believe me, go to your gas pumps, or go to your grocery stores, and that’ll tell you who is.”  Master stroke.  Put the stupid Democrats in their place.

The Democrats huff and puff about Republicans pursuing the idea of alternative electors to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election.  We now even have the spectacle of the FBI and Justice Department attempting to criminalize the effort and issuing grand jury subpoenas to the people involved.   But let’s not forget challenges to presidential electors go all the way back to 1876 and it was the Democrats who challenged electors in 19602000, and 2004.   Nobody issued grand jury subpoenas then, nor should they have.

My own response to this election denier business is that just because they’re election deniers doesn’t mean they’re not right about needed reforms.  Starting with cleaning the voter rolls, which is just common sense.  I love to hear Democrats twist themselves all into knots defending the idea of leaving dead people on the rolls.  Another common sense reform is voter ID, which is supported by most Americans of all stripes and has been upheld by just about every court that has looked at it, including one in Missouri just last week.  The Democrat argument on voter ID is completely racist – that black people are too stupid to get a photo ID.  I just heard about a state, I forget where, that sends out mobile vans to anyone who asks and gives them a photo ID on the spot, free of charge.  The Democrats can jump up and down and scream all they want, but they really have no argument left.  So, tell me how putting people in office who care about free and fair elections is a bad thing.  You’re going to have to explain that one to me, because it doesn’t make any sense.

But a New York Times reporter and book author – Robert Draper – just called people like me ‘insincere’ in advocating reforms for future elections.  People like me are just giving cover to the 2020 election deniers, because we won’t denounce them.  Following this to its logical conclusion, we can never take steps to secure our elections ever again because that would always affirm the people who challenged the election results in 2020.  Let’s see how well that logic holds up in the year 2120.  Hey, whatever sells books.

Here’s what I denounce:  Hypocritical Democrats who get hysterical about Republican election deniers but not those in their own party.  Partisan government officials who attempt to criminalize alternate electors following the constitutional process for challenging presidential election results.  And, most of all, anyone with phony narratives and smear tactics who stands between me and my vote counting just as much as anyone else’s in free and fair elections.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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