Today In History Spotlights Nov. 27, 1945, CARE packages to Provide Relief to Europe

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Today’s History Spotlight

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CARE packages are founded to provide relief to Europe. CARE is a non-governmental and impartial organization, and remains one of the world’s largest and oldest. Each year, its main focus is combating worldwide poverty.

During the Berlin Airlift – the first international crisis of the Cold War – thousands of CARE packages were delivered to the citizens of West Germany. President Kennedy later stated, “Every CARE package is a personal contribution to the world peace our nation seeks. It expresses America’s concern and friendship in a language all peoples understand.”

What Happened On This Day – November 27

  • 2005 World’s first successful partial face transplant. Drs Bernard Devauchelle, Benoit Lengelé, and Jean-Michel Dubernard used donor tissue to reconstruct the face of Isabelle Dinoire in Amiens, France. Isabelle Dinoire’s face had been mauled by a dog.
  • 2001 Hubble detects the first planetary atmosphere outside the Solar System. The space telescope detected sodium on HD 209458 b, an exoplanet also known as Osiris. Belonging to a class of planets called hot Jupiter, because they are similar in size to Jupiter. Unlike Jupiter, however, these planets orbit very close to their stars and consequently have very high temperatures on their surfaces.
  • 1989 World’s first living liver transplant. 21-month old Alyssa Smith became the first person to receive a liver transplant from a living donor, her mother Teresa Smith at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The transplant occurred under the supervision of surgeons Christoph Broelsch, Richard Thistlethwaite, Thomas Heffron, and Jean Emond.
  • 1978 Harvey Milk and George Moscone are assassinated. Milk was the first openly-gay person to be elected in local government in California. He and George Moscone, San Francisco’s mayor at the time, were killed by a former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.
  • 1895 Alfred Nobel signs his last will. Alfred Nobel signed his last will which called for his estate and fortune that he made as the inventor of dynamite to be used for creating awards for those who contributed to the benefit of mankind. The will created 5 awards – in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace, and was signed in the Swedish–Norwegian Club in Paris.

Births On This Day – November 27

  • 1960 Yulia Tymoshenko – Ukrainian politician, Prime Minister of Ukraine
  • 1955 Bill Nye – American engineer, educator, television host
  • 1951 Kathryn Bigelow – American director
  • 1942 Jimi Hendrix – American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer
  • 1940 Bruce Lee – American actor, martial artist

Deaths On This Day – November 27

  • 1978 Harvey Milk – American lieutenant, politician, activist
  • 1967 Léon M’ba – Gabonese politician, 1st President of Gabon
  • 1953 Eugene O’Neill – American playwright, Nobel Prize laureate
  • 1895 Alexandre Dumas, fils – French author
  • 1852 Ada Lovelace – English mathematician

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