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For those of you who golf, you know that driving makes a great show, but putting makes a great golfer. While there are many things that make me a poor golfer (9 handicap), putting is the number one issue that I face. While taking the time to “Happy Gilmore” style it, and going to the putt-putt course is a way to help with practice, teaching yourself to be a better putter lies in working on your form. This is where the NeuraPutt putting trainer really can improve your game.


Every golfer wants to get better at putting. The elusive 1-putt average is a goal that we all dream about. However, most of us see that average just slightly above two for most rounds. NeuraPutt works well for all levels of golfers as it has different levels of training. If you are a duffer like me, then the small bumpers will likely work best for you because they give you the most room for error. If you are a scratch golfer or someone with a low handicap, then you can likely use the medium bumpers to improve your game. Even pros can use the large bumpers to bullseye the cup and leave themselves little room for error. With a market that appeals to everyone, NeuraPutt earns an 8.5 of 10 on the market.


Because there are two different products – the in-home and the on-green system – the product is very useful. In your home, you can work on your generic flat puts with the putting mat (or you can place something under it to give it a slight slope or bump). When you are on the course (if the course is not loaded up), you can always practice on a putting green and on the greens to build your perfect shot. This makes the product very useful as you can build your practice around real work situations, not just “factory” putts. 8 of 10.


A lot of the systems designed to help your golfing are “single-use” systems. Sticks for controlling your swing, arm braces, cuffs, and even shot mats only deal with one problem in your game. They do not even cover the whole set of issues with one club. NeuraPutt is different in this regard, as it allows you to work on several different features of your putting game.The first format is a speed and distance format, where you can practice hitting the right speed and distance to the cup (while aiming). Next, you can set the “goal” up as a waypoint; if you hit the target midway, then you can get closer to the second shot you want. After you master the waypoint, you can place a target on the green and start using the waypoint to get to the hole- giving you help with those long putts many of us struggle with. Also, as noted before, you have different levels of difficulty using the bumpers. This can help you really hone in your shots. 9 of 10.


We have all seen the golf products we do not want to be seen using at the range. The arm braces look crazy; the cuffs are not much better. Setting up the shot mats takes time and can really hold up the course. The NeuraPutt is quick to install, does not mess up the greens, and can just be pulled out and placed in the console of your cart. This means any time you have a tricky shot you would like to “redo,” you can just plop down the system and take a few practice swings. On the putting green it is even better, as you can move it around for different shots.

At home, you just hook the product up to the mat, which comes with the indoor model. The generic shot is always flat, but with a paper plate or some other small object, you can create a slight roll in your green. This allows you to build a different putt for each time you practice. And we all know most of the shots we miss are those that we “think are easy,” so practicing those flat shots is a big deal. 7.5 of 10.

Cool Factor

When I take this to the course, people ask about it. While it is not going to look as cool as an AR-19 or other product, people are still going to take notice. People want to improve their games, and they want to do it without looking like a fool. NeuraPutt allows you to practice shots without goofy equipment. It is sleek, easy to use, and can be in and out in a few seconds. Other golfers will want to try it, and that will get people talking to you on the course. 6.5 of 10.


This is a great product to have in your kit for the course. There are so many ways to improve your game, but none are quite as effective as improving your putting. This is one of the best putt improvers that you can get without having to hire a trainer. For many of us, a drop of 0.5 in your putts per hole would amount to a great improvement in your game. I am starting to see a drop in my number of putts after just a couple weeks of using this. I also want to note that the indoor unit allows you to stay fresh over the winter months, which up here can really give your game a downturn. So with a score of 39.5 out of 50, this is a four-start product that everyone who wants to improve their game should look at. the better your putt, the better your game. Take the time to improve your game.

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