Gun Holster Review: Upper Hand Holsters OWB Conceal Carry Holster

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If you are used to reading these reviews, you know that I like to have a small caliber off-hand gun to supplement my primary firearm when I carry it. Sometimes, finding a good holster for the off-hand gun can be a challenge. One of the guns I was having difficulty with was my Ruger LCP. While the factory pocket holster works well, getting to it quickly was difficult. This changed when I took a look at the Upper Hand Holsters Outside the Waistband (OWB) Conceal Carry Holster.

Having a good holster is important across the spectrum, and Upper Hand Holsters has a line of good holsters depending on the firearm that you want to carry. Because of the material, the pattern or color of the holster can be changed (the one I am reviewing is multicam black). This type of holster appeals to a very broad market, it is easy to attach, stays attached, and keeps the gun in position. Some holsters are too simple (pocket holsters) or too complex (holsters with dozens of features); Upper Hand Holsters stays in their lane and delivers a holster that does what it is supposed to do. 8 of 10.

This OWB Conceal Carry Holster is secure enough to use in the bush for a hunting sidearm, but small enough to use in everyday life. This can be used concealed under a jacket, but also used open carry. This makes it a great multi-purpose holster. It does not transition sides in its normal configuration well, so if you are a lefty, you need a lefty holster. But for a right-handed person, this is one of the better holsters I have tested. 6.5 of 10.

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  • Secure enough for hunting
  • Small enough for everyday use


The OWB Conceal Carry Holster I received has a very smooth draw on the primary side. If you have it set up cross-draw, then you are going to face some of the traditional problems you have with a hard holster of needing to go up, then across. This limits the ability to wear it across the hip for a secondary weapon, but the small profile does allow for it to be a secondary weapon on your primary side. Since most people do not use both hands (they draw the secondary firearm and transfer it to their primary hand), it is not a problem. 7 of 10.

The key balancing act of a hard holster is draw smoothness vs. security. If the draw resistance is too light, then you run the risk of the gun bouncing out of the holster. If the draw resistance is too tight, then you run the risk of the “pull jump” throwing offer your movement. Upper Hand Holsters walks right down the middle of this in the balance. The resistance is enough that it keeps the gun secure, but not so much that you have problems getting the gun out or throwing off your draw pattern.

Another factor we all face with holsters is whether the without-the-belt placement is comfortable. The OWB Conceal Carry Holster I reviewed for my Ruger LCP is quite comfortable. It can be worn with belt or without belt, and the hooks on the anchors keep the gun on your belt or your waistband. I really like that this is not a “through belt” style of holster as I do have to put it on and take it off a lot because of my day job (cannot have it in government buildings). 8 of 10.

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The resistance is enough that it keeps the gun secure, but not so much that you have problems getting the gun out or throwing off your draw pattern.

When it comes to outside-the-belt holsters, there really are only two cool styles. Companies quickly lose cool points when they leave these two tried and true styles. Upper Hand Holsters did not make this mistake. The holster is a traditional tactical style and looks very sharp when it is worn. Even if you “double up” and tuck this holster in behind your primary holster on your side, the look complements other tactical holsters (I did this in conjunction with my RP 9). 9 of 10.

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  • Adjustable retention
  • Smooth draw on the primary side
  • Can be worn with belt or without belt
  • Interchangeable pattern

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  • Not good for cross draw


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  • Works with over 20 gun brands
  • Many interchangeable patterns available
  • Five America 2.0 design to choose from
  • Payment plans through ShopPay


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