Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Uses Derogatory Word To Describe Mentally Challenged Kids

From Conservative Brief:

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Senate Minority Leader and New York Sen. Charles Schumer just used a derogatory word to describe mentally challenged kids and, considering the rules in place by his party, he should be getting canceled.

The interview happened on the OneNYCHA podcast and was shared by The Post Millennial on Monday.

“Yeah. I mean, it’s — I have found that my whole career,” he said after the host talked about an initiative that would help house homeless people.

Sen. Schumer calls mentally disabled children “retarded”

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) June 14, 2021

“They wanted to build — when I first was assemblyman, they wanted to build a congregate living place for retarded children. The whole neighborhood was against it. These are homeless kids. They just needed some help,” he said.

Woah. Imagine the furor if a Republican senator said something like that? Now we will see if the media will show the same furor toward Sen. Schumer, but we doubt it.

The OneNYCHA podcast describes itself as  a podcast and a Movement that highlights public housing issues, we also discuss topics that impact everyday people…”

The senator has had a tough couple of months, most recently having a meltdown after Republicans stopped a bipartisan commission being formed to examine the incident at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

While speaking from the Senate floor, Schumer raged that Republicans were somehow ending democracy and that the country would never recover if the Jan. 6 Panel — which will study what happened during the mayhem at the U.S. Capitol — is not passed and created.

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Below is a transcript of Schumer’s meltdown:

Now, Mr. President, let me just tell the public and the members what this does. It’s something we proposed. It assures that there’s a vote on the January 6th commission in the next hour. It assures that the vote occurs in the light of day, not at 3:00 in the morning. It also assures that votes on the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act will occur and prevail as soon as we return in June.

This is a good solution because we get to vote on the commission. And let me just say this to my Republican colleagues and to the country. This commission is desperately needed. What has been perpetrated by President Trump over the last several months is the big lie — the big lie that the elections were fixed, that he is rightfully president.

Nothing is more corrosive to our democracy than a view that elections are not on the level. Yet that has been propagated by Donald Trump and many of his allies. A commission can get to the bottom of this in a clear way. It is a bipartisan commission, it is a down-the-middle commission, there was significant Republican input by the Republican leader in the House and the ranking member of the relevant — the Republican ranking member of the relevant committee.

So this is right down the middle. If our Republican friends vote against this, I would ask them, what are you afraid of? The truth? Are you afraid that Donald Trump’s big lie will be dispelled? Are you afraid that all of the misinformation that has poured out will be rebutted by a bipartisan, down-the-middle commission? This is about democracy.

This is about the future of our democracy. The big lie has eroded that democracy and we must do everything we can to rebut it. This is not a Democratic or Republican obligation, this is an American obligation.

Our democracy, our beautiful, more than two-century-old democracy is at more risk because of the lies that have been perpetrated by President Trump and his allies than it has been in a very long time and this commission is a great antidote to that. So I hope we can get broad support to move forward. I will speak more on this issue after the vote.

This article was originally posted at Conservative Brief.

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