‘I Am In Receipt of Evidence Reflecting Systemic Election Fraud’ – MI Republican Rep. Daire Rendon Announces Claims In New Letter

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Michigan Republican state Rep. Daire Rendon is claiming that she has evidence of systemic voter fraud in the battleground state.

In a letter addressed to “The Citizens of the United States of America,” Rendon is calling for a full and conclusive investigation into the November 2020 election.

Last week, the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee Chair Ed McBroom and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey released a report stating that they could find no evidence of “widespread or systemic fraud” in Michigan’s November election.

In response, Rendon is calling for a full investigation into the election.

I have read and considered the June 23, 2021 report titled “Report on the November 2020 Election in Michigan” from the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee.

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee concluded their investigation without examining appropriate evidence, expert reports, and requesting testimony from qualified experts. The report concludes that there was “no widespread or systemic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election”.  And yet, the Oversight Committee Chair stated in his Executive Summary that “this investigation should not be considered exhaustive’ and that “every possible investigative avenue was not undertaken.”

I am in receipt of evidence reflecting systemic election fraud in Michigan that occurred in the November 2020 election.

Many Michigan voters believe that the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee conclusion was formed without a proper investigation, and so I encourage attorneys in Michigan and beyond to pursue legal avenues that will reveal truth and transparency to the citizens of the United States.

Below is an image of the letter:

There’s also major action taking place in Georgia and Democrats are not happy about it.

During a rally on Monday in Georgia hosted by Women for America First, conservatives came out in support of an audit in the battleground state.

One of the most notable aspects came during an interview between radio host John Fredericks and Georgia State Senator Brandon Beach.

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Beach discussed how the Georgia audit process will go in Georgia and what will happen if they do indeed find significant fraud.

Senator Beach: “I think it’s going to be so overwhelming in Fulton, I think it’s going to be anywhere from 17 to 34 thousand ballots it’s going to tell the story… Then I think we can ask for our 16 electoral college votes back and park em here…”

Fredericks: “So you have the authority to just basically decertify your 16 electoral votes?  Don’t give them to Trump, just park them here?”

Senator Beach: “Bring em back and park em in Georgia, and then if Arizona would do that, and if a couple of other states did that and it got below 270, then the 12th Amendment would kick in and Congress would have to act.”

The problems in Georgia have been mounting.

Last week, Henry County Superior Court Chief Judge Brian Amero allowed the lawsuit to proceed regarding an audit of the ballots in Fulton County, Georgia.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger also announced that the battleground state would be purging around 100,000 names from voter rolls if the individuals do not take a few moments to update their information.

It’s a legal procedure that happens all the time in every state.

A chunk of voters being purged from the registration rolls simply because they are missing updated addresses is not a major issue

Last week, it was reported that in Fulton County, Georgia, the chain of custody documents for absentee ballots cannot be found.

A Fulton County election official informed them that “a few forms are missing” and that “some procedural paperwork may have been misplaced” for the November 3, 2020 election.

And seven months after the Open Records Request, 28 counties have failed to respond at all.

That means no chain of custody documentation has been provided for around 333,000 absentee ballots.

State audit sheets also suggested that many of Fulton’s absentee ballot batches, when delivered to state auditors, were not sealed per security protocol prior to delivery.

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