President Trump Speaks Near Border Wall

One of the many promises made promises kept by the Trump administration was the building of the border wall with Mexico. On Tuesday President Trump visited Alamo, Texas the site of the building of the 450th mile of new border wall construction.

Before heading to Texas, President Trump commented “As you know, we’ve completed the wall…They may want to expand it. We have the expansion underway. It’s been tremendously successful, far beyond what anyone thought.”

In his speech, the President touted 450 miles of completed border wall. He said, “in every region where we built the wall, illegal entries have been slashed by 90 percent.” He went on to say, “We’ve moved nearly 20,000 gang members from The United States.” He also touted his ending catch and release.

Building a border wall and establishing an America First immigration policy were cornerstones of President Trump’s campaign. He has lived up to his promises.

Now there is a border wall and illegals cannot flow through the way they were able to under previous administrations. No doubt more work needs to be done but this was a promise President Trump came through on for the American people. “Build The Wall” was the rallying cry of the Trump campaign and he delivered.

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Seth Segal
Seth Ian is a writer for NRN, conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump. He is a proud Religious Jew and a graduate student at Yeshiva University.