Trump Is “Tweeting” Through The White House Press Office

Last week, Big Tech giant Twitter took the unprecedented step of banning President Donald Trump from using its platform. Like dominoes, other platforms and companies followed, effectively shutting off communications from the President of the United States to everyday Americans.

Prior to the ban, Trump was a frequent Twitter user; he invented the “tweet storm” and famously met his 80-plus million followers where they were: online. 

Necessity being the mother of invention, it didn’t take Trump long to find a way; he returned to an old-fashioned means of communication. The President has been “tweeting” via the White House Press Office through statements being released to the press and yes, Twitter. 

The White House Press Office has handled the release of such information since its founding in 1929; Kayleigh McEnany serves as the President’s Press Secretary.

Barack Obama was the first president to use Twitter, but Trump has relied heavily on tweeting – his only way to communicate directly with the American people without the mainstream media’s filters.

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While written statements lack the spirit that often characterized Trump’s tweets, they reach a large audience and display the formal nature of official presidential statements.

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Rebecca Horvath
Rebecca Horvath
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