The Keep Nine Amendment

On October 19, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas proposed an amendment to the Constitution requiring the Supreme Court to “be composed of nine justices.” This amendment would block radicals from packing the Supreme Court.

The Keep Nine amendment would also preserve the rights enshrined to Americans in the Bill of Rights. This amendment is vital for the preservation of our republic as we know it.

It is no secret the radical left has proposed this maneuver in the manner FDR tried. Indeed, in the primaries Joe Biden refused to categorically rule out court packing. In fact, he doesn’t believe the American public even deserves an answer to this question.

Among those supporting the effort to ban court packing are Senators Kelly Loefller and David Perdue who are running against radical leftists Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in Georgia. Warnock and Ossoff have failed to support this principle and are open to court packing, which means they support something even the late liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposed. This is not a partisan matter, but rather a matter of preserving a constitutional republic.

The effort to oppose court packing is being lead by an important group of patriots I am proud to stand with. Our website is Among the things one can do to support this amendment is contact his or her Senator and see where he or she stands on the Keep Nine Amendment. Preserving the integrity of the Supreme Court is vital for the future of our republic. Radicals rigging the system by packing the courts with far-left judges would do tremendous damage to our Constitution and indeed the future of America.

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Seth Segal
Seth Ian is a writer for NRN, conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump. He is a proud Religious Jew and a graduate student at Yeshiva University.