The Double Standards Disease: How COIVD is Showing the Hypocrisy of the Nation

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Twas the day after Thanksgiving,

And all through the nation,

Covid was mentioned on nary a station.

On blathered the heads, talking about Black Friday buying,

Al’st the while a quarter million were dying.

Sponsors, and stores, and holiday shills,

All peddled their product while this disease kills.

While meeting in dozens for family events was deadly,

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Millions ravaging the stores was promoted quite readily.

The media, for profits, sold the soul of the nation,

Which is why you can believe, no other station.

As we enter into what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, millions of people around the country have lost or are losing loved ones to this horrendous disease. Our government is in total disarray as the science does not match up with the “science” and the changes from the election look to move more ideologues into positions of power while millions of Americans suffer as their supplemental benefits run out. Jules Verne’s prophesy of the Morlocks and the Eloi is playing out in front of us, and if you’re curious if your bank account does not have 7 digits, you are one of us Morlocks.

COVID has been quite an amazing disease, one which I had the displeasure of having for nearly three weeks. It has highlighted the hypocrisy in our elected representatives, it has shown that the “the science is settled crowd” should have their degrees revoked and be condemned to a life of polishing doorknobs, and it has shown that sometimes something as simple as a disease can show how divided our nation really is.

Before I look at the hypocrisy of the elites, I want to point out that COVID is a dangerous disease. Wear your masks, wash your hands, and try to avoid it. When it hit my family, I, along with my parents got the disease. All of us tested positive. My father had a cough for two days (he did quarantine for the time frame, however). My mother was fatigued for about two weeks. I had every symptom in the book, save the trouble breathing. (More on this in my next article.) Try to avoid it if you can; for me, it is a little worse than the flu, but still, something that you do not want.

Magical Qualities of COVID

One of the most interesting elements of the COVID virus is the selective nature of the disease. While I am not going to run down the rabbit hole of “oh wow, you are safe until 9:59 PM” and that it is all a scam, I would like to point out that while bars – which are generally open from 4 PM till 2PM in most states – do not have enough time to “sanitize” their operations in the remaining 14 hours of the day; 24 hour business do.

Now, other than being a forum for discussion and jobs for millions of Americans, bars are not essential businesses in the way that hospitals, grocery stores and gas stations are. However, one must wonder why presenting theses services (save hospitals) 24 hours overrides the need for them to be “deep cleaned” like the bars and restaurants.

Further, let’s look at Walmart. Most stores are operating 24 hours a day. To their credit, I have seen massive cleaning going on during the course of business, however, it is not the “deep cleaning” that the government seems to suggest is needed. So why, pray tell, can Walmart and other 24-hour businesses be open 24 hours, when bars and restaurants cannot? The magic of COVID. (Please note, this is an argument for closing 24-hour establishments for cleaning, not keeping bars open longer).

Elites and COVID

One of the sickening elements we have seen during this crisis is the difference in treatment for elites and us Morlocks. California Governor Newsome can dine at a fancy diner with friends, without masks, in a close, closed space, but we cannot have more than 8-12 people for Thanksgiving in our homes. Visitors to Pennsylvania are required to get a COVID test within 72 hours or quarantine for 14 days; meanwhile, politicians can cross state lines without having to wait in line at the medical centers, pharmacies and “quick test” centers.

I think we can all agree that if there is a category of “non-essential workers” it is the American politician. Yet time and time again, we see pictures and videos of them gathering with no masks, getting to go to sporting events the Morlocks are banned from, and getting haircuts during total lock-downs (in some cases lock-downs that they instituted). Their response when challenged on this: “I am essential, you are not.”

The Shocking Shopping Story

Not only is the disease temporally selective, it is also issued specifically. If you want to have people over for a family event, then that is very dangerous. However, if you want to go to a gala to celebrate the election “results,” you are in the clear – seemingly, the virus votes Democrat. Further, if you want to go to church, you are limited to a small number of people, yet in California, strip clubs are essential businesses. This obscenity has come to the point that a California pastor has designated his church a strip club (which is a great sacrilege even if it is to make a point) so that he can remain open!

However, the situation gets worse. Thanksgiving was such a big issue because family gatherings were going to be super spreader events. “The science is settled,” yelled the talking heads. However, on Black Friday (when their sponsors were looking to make big money), you did not hear anything about large gatherings. Hordes of people flocked to the stores without social distancing. The only difference from a normal year is that people seemed to be a little more polite.


COVID is deadly for many people, there should be no one out there denying that now. However, our approach to COVID containment was poorly designed. Flattening the curve was a stall tactic and the worst part was we knew that it would be at the beginning. Did it save lives or cost lives, we will never know, because it is a one-off event and we cannot test what “might have happened.” Now we need to set our sights on the future.

We need to have a structured plan on how we are going to protect people. A partial shutdown is useless, all it does is concentrate the area where disease vectors meet. If anything, other than the power plants and hospitals are open, then it is a waste of time. This means that those facilities must have the two week supplies on hand to operate, or have military support to get them what they need.

Further, wear your mask in stores. If you have a hard time breathing in one, well, that is all of us. Masks suck, but the sooner we minimize this the sooner we can take them off. Quit it with the “they promised us two weeks and it would be gone,” when you know damn well most people did not follow the rules. Wear your mask at the store to protect others; they are not 100%, probably not 50%, but they still help.

Finally, pray. I know many people across the country are cut off from their Church, Synagogue or Temple. Do not let this be the thing that drives you from your faith. Form Zoom groups, take the time to call people you know do not have much family; keep the community alive! America has faced diseases before, and we will in the future. This is not the time to let tyrants divide us by selective “prevention” techniques that their parties and protests are “immune” to, this is a time for us to be “together apart” and reach out to people society may have forgotten and to allow our faith and our nation to come out of this stronger than it was before COVID was ever heard of.

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