Perdue and Loeffler Maintain Lead In Georgia

In the latest polls out of Georgia, the Senate contests appear very close. Despite this fact, an Emerson College poll showed both Republican candidates, Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, leading their opponents by identical percentages of 51% to 48%. 

Perdue is running against leftist and Soros-backed Jon Ossoff and Loeffler is running against far-left, Anti-American preacher Raphael Warnock. Ossoff and Warnock have both failed to deny that they will support court packing. These are both crucial races for the future of our country.

Another poll, this one from the Trafalgar group, puts Loeffler with a stronger lead over Warnock. According to the Trafalgar poll, Loeffler leads Warnock by 52.2% to 45.5%, and Perdue leads Ossoff by 50.2% to 47.5%.

Chuck Schumer and other liberal icons have made clear their intent to use this election to, in Barack Obama’s words, “Fundamentally transform America.” Chuck Schumer must not be allowed to become the Senate Majority leader; Perdue and Loeffler must win their races.

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Seth Segal
Seth Ian is a writer for NRN, conservative populist writer and supporter of President Trump. He is a proud Religious Jew and a graduate student at Yeshiva University.