Game Review: Expedition

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#of Players: 1-6
Time: 20+ Minutes
Age: 10+
Game Type : Digitally Enhanced RPG
Gamer Type: Casual
Complexity: 4

Have you ever wanted to play an RPG (Role Playing Game), but your friends are not into games enough to play D&D or one of the mainstay games? Or are your friends too engrossed in their devices to get them to look up into their own minds to find a world of fantasy? You are in luck: AdMagic has created a gateway RPG that is easy to play and walks you through the RPG process to make a great little game.


As with all RPG games, you are immersed in a fantasy world where the DM tells you the story as you play. In Expedition, you can either make your own story or use the free app to play the game. This allows there to be several stories so the game never really gets old. For new players, each person takes turns reading the story to keep everyone engaged. 7 of 10.


The artwork is simple, but sometimes simple is good. In RPGs, you need to use your imagination to “see” what is going on. The small pictures on the card give players an idea what they are facing, but they must use their imaginations to see what is going on. This allows the players to have a major stance in how the game is played. 4 of 10.


The mechanics of the game are simple enough that anyone can play, but they are complex enough to keep seasoned players interested. The randomize is a D20 and, of course, the shuffling of the cards. The interesting element of this game, however, is the app-driven system. While you can have a “live” DM, the app allows you to play with one friend or even solo. This increases the playability of the game quite well. While some of the encounters are challenging (this is how a RPG is supposed to be), this game will not scare off new players and earns an 8.5 out of 10 for mechanics.


Strategy is always difficult for RPGs, especially good ones. Players can be who they want to be and do what they want to do. This means that they can choose offense, defense, engine building, or rush. A neat element of this game is that they build in a “rush” feature, you need to make your decisions quickly. This adds to the depth of the strategy as your choices have a timer and consequences. 7.5 of 10.


Expedition bridges the gap between video and traditional RPGs. There is a depth here that you do not often see. The app itself is what I would call a 3rd generation novel app. It has the ability to guide players on its own, but it does not rely on video carriers like some past apps. This makes it novel in the field, likely the first of many RPGs to use this type of technology to build solo-multiplayer games in this space. 7 of 10.


Expedition is a fun game to get new players into RPG life. However, it does not stop there. The quests are challenging enough that you can play many times without being bored. Overall, this game earns a 34 out of 50, making it a strong game in this space. Take the time and pick up a copy for your collection. At $25-ish, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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