Review: Startlux’s Cobra Strike

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Number of Players: depends on Sets

Time: 5 Minutes

Game Type: Athletic

Gamer Type: Kids or Adults

Game Complexity: 2

It’s that time of year again: time for kids to get outside and run around rather than sitting looking at their devices. Once again, our friends at Starlux Games have several new additions to their catalog to keep your kids moving and healthy as we move into spring and summer.

Our first review of the year for Starlux is Cobra Strike. This is a great little game which adds an element to tag. While we are not going to use the normal categories (Story, Art, Mechanics, Strategy) because the game is deigned for children, the novelty of the game is excellent. One of the biggest drawbacks of tag is people can say “you missed” or “you didn’t touch me.” Cobra Strike fixes this problem.

Cobra Strike is a set of badges which clip onto the clothing of the players. Unlike flags, which flop around, these badges stay close to the body and allow for players to be more strategic. It also makes the other players have to be more accurate. The badges are nice because they are magnetic and do not require batteries.

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Tag has always been one of the hallmark games for kids in spring and summer. Modern culture has kind of pushed people away from it so people are not “touching” one another. This allows for the badges to be placed in a safe place and to have kids playing like kids, which is really what games like this are about.

Overall, I give this game a 42 out of 50. It is an innovative new look at a classic game, something that helps people get out and have fun. Any time a kid is doing something fun and safe that does not involve staring at a screen, I think everyone wins. This is a great pick up and they come in sets of four.

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