Argentina Descends Into Degeneracy

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On Wednesday, Argentina became one of the first major South American countries to legalize abortion. This tragic milestone shows once again why Western Civilization must be preserved.

Before this law was passed, abortion was permitted in cases of rape or threat to the mother’s health. Now, it’s abortion on demand, allowing baby killing up till 14 weeks into the pregnancy. This is genocide.

This decision was following a vote in the Senate of Argentina. The vote was 38 to 29. Argentina is officially a Roman Catholic country and attempts to make abortion legal were opposed by the Argentinian Catholic church. Unlike Brazil, where President Jair Bolsonaro is conservative, Argentina’s President himself introduced this bill legalizing abortion.

As if this news was not sad enough, videos appeared on Twitter of Argentinians celebrating and dancing for abortion in the streets. This blatant descent into immorality is tragic.

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