The Art of Political Pressure

A dirty political game is underway in America since the disputed 2020 presidential election took place. There have been multiple lawsuits filed that many have believed from the Trump Team. President Trump has revealed the Trump team did not file these lawsuits.

My Theory

There are an unspecified amount of these lawsuits filed by never-Trumpers to push the narrative of no voter fraud. The media has already started running with headlines detailing Trump losing in court due to lack of evidence. This narrative does a few things. Stay with me. 

The first angle is to put pressure on the courts. Now, I’m aware this could also be used to scatter the Biden team’s resources fighting these lawsuits. There is a possibility of this. However, my analysis of the situation is much more profound. By putting forward frivolous lawsuits and having courts rule, there is no substantial evidence; it will lessen the Trump team’s actual filings’ impact and severity in the court’s eyes. But it’s not just the court of law. It’s also to maintain the high ground in the court of public opinion. This narrative continues to engrain in the American people’s minds that Biden won the election, and Trump is a sore loser. 

The second, and most crucial angle, is to pressure the state legislatures to certify the election results. State legislators see “Trump’s” lawsuits being thrown out due to lack of evidence and are being bombarded by all sides not to “overturn the will of the people.” An aspect to consider why they might be more susceptible to pressure is because these are not national figureheads. These state reps don’t have vast constituencies. Suddenly, they have tens of thousands of people contacting them, and over a hundred million eyes across the nation focused on their decision.

It’s Not Over

Even if the Trump Team can unequivocally prove voter fraud, there is an uphill battle because of our nation’s media in the court of public opinion. If people believe that Biden indeed won, the state legislatures could succumb to the massive amount of political pressure instead of following the facts.

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This article is not a doomer article. I believe President Trump will come out victorious. But I will not lie to you and tell you the fight won’t be a difficult one. Politics is a dirty game, and the establishment, Democrats, and Republicans, do not want to lose their grasp on power. It is a zero-sum game, all or nothing; the country’s future depends on the outcome. Get out there and make your voice heard. 

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Ada Nestor
Ada Nestor
Ada Nestor is a writer for NRN, citizen journalist, and mother of three who is always digging beneath the headlines to find the real story. Nestor left the Democrat Party in 2012 and hasn't looked back.