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As of this posting, the unconfirmed 2020 Electoral College Map forecasts 319 blue votes for Biden and 219 red votes for incumbent Republican President Donald Trump. This Electoral map almost reflects the same number of Electoral votes that Trump secured four years ago in his stunning upset defeat of first adversary Clinton.

Challenges in battleground states are beginning to falter. Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin were the top priority focus of Republican strategists trying to salvage and resuscitate President Trump’s sagging reelection bid for the presidency. With the mainstream media denying any voter fraud exists and suppressing any shred of evidence, President Trump may officially have been checkmated by the left.

As time marches forward and begins to erode hope that the President has any chance whatsoever to recoup Electoral votes by flipping blue states into red states, the necessity of producing actual and factual instances of voter fraud has become a critical factor to convince Americans that these allegations are substantiated. Without verifiable proof, the incumbent President has no chance of continuing in the Oval Office.

Several states are struggling to validate votes cast before certifying their election outcomes have majority Republican state legislatures. These GOP legislatures have the authority to intercede on behalf of state voters with the power to intervene in order to compel the Board of Elections to audit their ballot tallies and test individual counties to determine if bogus ballots were cast or counted.

Discount Every Vote: Flashfire Sale of Presidential Ballots

Who remembers when the radical left launched a campaign to interfere and lobby the 2016 Presidential Electors to change their vote from Trump to Clinton? This was a domestic act of disruption to alter the Electoral College count and an American election. State legislatures should consider that they may have to suspend Biden electors from casting their votes in the Electoral College until this entire mail-in ballot mess is sorted out.

Ballot harvesting must be addressed in the aftermath of this campaign and made some form of a federal offense henceforth. Unofficial strangers randomly collecting completed ballots from the general public at large should not be permitted. Election judges who are found to have ‘fixed’ ballots that fail to qualify in order to count a vote is a criminal act. Whistleblowers are coming forward proclaiming voter fraud, but the evidence remains forthcoming.

In order for President Trump to establish any traction in the U.S. legal system in alleging voter fraud, his state by state legal teams must produce tangible proof for a judge to rule in their favor. President Trump had warned about voter fraud occurring before, during and after the election process was executed. Now would be a good time to release any and all evidence.

Elections judges in Philadelphia and Detroit were accused of preventing election poll watchers from observing the counting of ballots cast and mail-in ballots and their conduct while counting the voted ballots. The mayor of Philadelphia went so far as to taunt President Trump to stop bellyaching and simply concede. Good luck with that. This behavior is exceedingly unbecoming of an elected municipal executive.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Cliff Hanger 2020: Legal Recourse for Trump * Pence

One could almost accurately accuse Team Trump and the Republican legal alliance of not being organized in advance to pounce on this probable scenario. Judicial Watch also seems to be ill-prepared to forcibly press the case of voter fraud against the six disputed battleground states in contention.

The consensus is that Republican voters turned out during early voting or on Election Day to vote in person. Democrats hesitated and chose to vote via mail-in ballot or absentee ballots. Now nobody can derive factual numbers on this red verses blue split in voting patterns, but there are those who feel confident that this is a general divide among the registered electorate that voted.

Republicans should make an issue of challenging all of those counties around the nation that exhibited abnormal voting results to test for discrepancies in the votes that were cast and audit these counties to verify how many questionable ballots may have been cast that violate state election law statutes.

The funny bit in this entire episode of malfeasance is that the media and the left cried that #43 GWB was illegitimate in having lost the popular vote in 2000, and #45 DJT was illegitimate in having also lost the popular vote in 2016. Now in 2020, we have an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots with no evidence or proof that all 50 states in our Union legally conducted their required state purging of voting rolls going into this presidential election year.

By its own definition, the outcome of the 2020 presidential election would therefore be illegitimate. Another important unanswered question comes to mind: where did all of these Count Every Vote signs come from popping up in major U.S. cities overnight? Who printed them? Who distributed them? Do they have an authority line? The average person needs to pay attention to the nuances of public protests and who actually participates.

Individual Voter Identification now more than ever must be passed state by state as a legal requirement in order to vote and verify those ballots cast during early voting or on Election Day are by a legally registered American voter. Routinely purging state voter rolls is an important legally required criteria to protect the authenticity and integrity of state elections.

Nobody wants Chad to comeback for a Do-Over

Vice President Al Gore was allowed an opportunity to challenge Governor George Bush in the courts to determine the outcome of votes cast in Florida during the aftermath of the 2000 general election. The ongoing court challenges over individual counties protracted the electoral fight, which ultimately hinged on an eventual ruling decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nobody is willing to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt or the necessary motions to present evidence detailing multiple cases of voter fraud. If it twere Biden on the lower end of this projected Electoral prognosis, then the capricious media would be deriding the President for bullying Biden and his chance to have his voice and case heard before the American public.

The ‘Every Vote Counts’ protest which manifested itself on street corners orchestrated by the left was demonstrating and demanding that all voter mail-in ballots be counted. Not all legally acceptable ballots that met the essential criteria required to be counted – but any and all faulty ballots received regardless of their veracity. This manufactured groundswell is another corrosive action by the rabid left to stuff as many Biden ballots into the mix as possible.

What will presidential historians say about President Trump in thirty years and how will his presidency be rated as measured by a single term? President Bush 1989 and President Carter 1977 were single term presidents that have been beleaguered by criticism. Trump will be pegged as the biggest loser, when in fact it is American families and businesses that are going to lose with the loss of his presidency.

Trump enacted astounding policies to rejuvenate our economy in record time, but was undone by the menacing Wuhan virus invader and resoundingly mocked when during the closing days of the campaign he emphatically stated that a revolutionary vaccine was imminent. Now we have two competing vaccine proposals that all of a sudden emerged in the media after his alleged drubbing in the Electoral College. Fancy that!

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