Review: Fireblade Knives Chef Knife Set

So, in the course of recent events, I have been looking at survival knives to review for our readers. One day, I contacted Fireblade Knives in Australia. Well, Fireblade only makes chef’s knives, which really did not fit into our survival review series, but the owner challenged me to review his knives anyway, for their intended purpose. Always up for a challenge, I said yes, and boy am I glad I did. These knife they sent me (along with the additional tools) were amazing. A great knife set for any serious chef or cook.


Fireblade knives are definitely not your Wal Mart “use them and lose them” type of knives. Each knife is handcrafted from Damascus steel. The blades are designed to be used as a chef’s knife in the kitchen, which is beautiful in their style and simplicity. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-end knife for your kitchen, these may be the knives for you. 7 of 10.


Ok, so artwork is not normally one of the categories for product reviews, but in the case of we need to make an exception. These knives are works of art. From the handle to the cross-guard to the blade, each element is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. The blades have the Damascus pattern and you can see the flood deviations as you look at the edge. Using it felt like I was using the Mona Lisa as a place mat or the “Thinker” as a hat rack. They are almost too pretty to use… almost. 9 of 10 for artwork.


What good is a knife if you cannot use it? I used this knife to make Italian Steak. This means that I cubed venison. The knife passed right through it like it was not there, even though it still had a little bit of “freeze” on it. When I cleaned the knife after and cut up the veggies, the knife chopped through them with ease. I felt like a professional chef chopping things up quickly. (And I still have all my fingers.) 8 of 10.


Since this is a knife set, I also want to look at the other tools in the set. It came with a flipper, large tongs, and forceps tongs. I used all the elements in preparing the meal.

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The flipper was excellent. It had enough rigidness to flip what needed to be flipped, but a low enough profile to do the work that needed to be done. Like the other pieces, it was a work of art.

The two sets of tongs were also excellent. The smaller set (forceps tongs) were great in the breading process of the meat. They held their shape quite well, which is always a challenge with bent metal tools. The standard tongs (hinge-back) were also excellent and beautiful. The only drawback was that it was difficult to clean the C bend in the sink (these are not dishwasher safe). However, this is a challenge all tongs face. 7.5 of 10.

Cool Factor

I felt like I had a knife straight out of Lord of the Rings. The gleaming brass cross-guard, the sloped blade, and the beautiful handle all came into an amazing piece. If Fireblade told me that elves from Middle Earth forged this blade, I would have to believe them. This blade is forged completely of Australian steel using a Damascus methods by some of the best bladesmiths in Japan. Literally, this is the equivalent of an Eleven blade in the real world. 9.5 of 10.


Buy this knife. Seriously, if you are looking for a great knife set for Christmas or just to have, this is a good set to buy. While they are pricey, they are forged steel, so they will last as long as you take care of them. With a score of 41, this is one of the best products that I have reviewed. If you can afford this, it is a great knife to have in your kitchen.

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