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No One Knows It’s There But You

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If you are going to carry, you should have a holster. Tucking your gun into a pocket or into a waistband is not a safe way to carry your firearm nor does it treat your firearm with the respect that it deserves. Remember, the moment you quit respecting your firearm and treating it like the tool it is, that is when you get complacent and mistakes happen. This week, I have the privilege of reviewing Clinger Holster’s holster for my Walther PPK/s 22.


As noted above, everyone should be using a holster for their firearm. Clinger makes holsters for a wide-variety of firearms. When I talk to a holster company, I always like to see if they “just do Glocks” or if they have a wider offering. Clinger seems to have a larger market than some of the other companies that seem to want to focus only on the most popular models. This makes them more appealing as a market, thus earning them a 7 of 10.


The holster that they sent me to review is a concealed carry holster. This specific one is worn inside the pants, working off of a dual hanger system. With the Walther, this is ideal as it is a compact firearm. One of the key factors that I look for in a holster, especially a concealed holster, is that the trigger is fully covered. This forces “trigger discipline” when people draw the gun. I rated it 6 out of 10.


The dual clip design of the Clinger holster allows for the unit to be placed on and taken off quite quickly. Unlike some other holsters, it is convincing to put this unit on and off (you do not have to take off your belt). Of course, they key element of utility that I look for in a holster is how well the gun stays in. Almost all holsters do well when sitting or standing, but if you are moving around you want your gun to stay in place. This holster has excellent retention and you can flip, shake and move around without the firearm falling out. That’s a 9 out of 10.


Is it comfortable? Standing, yes. Sitting, bearable. If I was in a long car ride I would likely move it off my belt, but overall it is better than most holsters I have looked at. When standing, it is almost like it is not even there. 8 of 10.

Cool Factor

When you wear it, no one even knows its there but you. That is what you are looking for in a concealed weapon holster. The coolest thing it can do is be invisible. 9 of 10.


I like this holster. I give this an expert score of 7.8 out of 10, with a cumulative score of 39 out of 50, I think that you will too. A holster is a valuable tool that you should have if you are going to carry. I hope that you will take a look at the holsters that Clinger Holsters has to offer and choose one to help keep you and your family safe.

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