The Real End Game: 2020 and the Future of the Electoral College

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There is little debate on either side when it comes to one issue: this is the biggest election that any of us have ever seen in our lives. Now, we all know that pollsters, the talking heads in the media, and the other sycophants that surround the ‘elite’ of society say this each election, but this year things are different. We are looking at a division in our nation that we have not seen since the Civil War.

The “Teams”

On one side of the issue, we have the progressive/socialist/liberal agenda. They make up about 26% of the United States population, with about 40% of their numbers radicalized into what we would call the “far left.” This group comes to the table with the ideas of government control, power of the vocal minority, and challenges to the very fabric of the constitutional republic in which we live (Electoral College, the Supreme Court, right to bear arms, right to life). Over the last few months, we have seen the radical members of the left burn cities, destroy statues, and attack people in broad daylight to push their message of autocratic power in the hands of the vocal minority.

On the other side, we have the conservative movement, which is growing, but in a divided manner. Part of it is made up of old-school Republicans, those who are socially conservative and fiscally moderate. These are the leaders who understand that some tax is necessary to run a nation the size of the United States and that to correct many of our society’s problems, we need to cut spending, as throwing money at a problem will not solve it.

We also have a growing number of conservatives who have a bit of Libertarian in them. These are conservatives who do not care about moral conservatism (which is an oxymoron in its own right), and focus their effort on dismantling the tax and spend structure of the country. The Old Guard and the Libertarians make up about 35% of the United States population.

In the middle, we have the moderates and undecided people of the United States. These are the 35% of people who are tired of the partisan bickering and just want to live in the Constitutional Republic that they were promised in school. A republic that has equal rights for all, that protects the sanctity of religion but does not force it on people, and has campaigns only 3 months long, not constant each year, every year.

The Arguments

With this election, we know that the key issues are healthcare (which has been emphasized by the COVID crisis), the economy (which has been emphasized by the Trump Recovery), and now the Supreme Court pick (which is made a major issue by the death of RBG and the indication that Clarence Thomas may retire in the coming years).

Health Care

When it comes to healthcare, there are divergent opinions on how we should move forward. The Biden/AOC camp has indicated that we “need” to have socialized healthcare to ensure that “every American” receives access to high quality healthcare. “Every American” does not include the people with a disability (who can be denied care by panels), the poor (who receive sub par service under Obamacare), the unborn (who can be killed at will) and the elderly (who can be denied care).

The Trump/Republican position is that the system needs to be fixed and we need to expand the number of hospitals in the United States. When he was campaigning in 2016, Trump noted the crumbling infrastructure of America, an infrastructure that was crumbling because of backdoor deals and lobby money. Hospitals are part of that infrastructure. They are also supporting healthcare reform, not just insurance reform as the liberal segment is supporting.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Stakes: even with COVID deaths decreasing, this issue is still very important to the people of this country. Millions need healthcare to survive and the partisan bickering is turning people against the stooges in Congress.

The Economy

For the first three years of the Trump presidency, liberal talking heads were hoping the economy crumbled so they could defeat Donald Trump. Now it has tyrants such as Whitmer, Wolf, and Newsom trying to keep the economy locked down under the guise of COVID response. The people are seeing through it though as all three are among the least popular governors in the United States. There is even talk of federal investigations into the practice of putting COVID infected patients into homes for the elderly.

Under the current president, the economy is booming. Even with the COVID crisis, the economy of the United States is better than it was under the Obama administration. The biggest year for the stock market under Obama/Biden was 2016, and much of that growth was fueled by the Election of Donald Trump. Over Obama’s 8 years, the stock market grew 7,000 points (which is a good growth rate).

Under President Trump, the growth rate the first year was 7000 points! We also saw the Nasdaq, the Dow, and the S&P all set records before the COVID crisis. Even with the crisis, the Dow is still 10,000 points better than the Obama economy. So we know: “He didn’t build that.”

The jobs market has been a little shaky under the COVID crisis. Liberal pundits are quick to note that the unemployment rate is higher than it was during the Obama/Biden years. This is true. However, we do need to look a little deeper at “Why?”

The common response is that the COVID crisis caused that. This is a red herring for conservatives. Obama faced H1N1, so he had his own crisis. The real cause of the suppression of the job numbers is Democrat governors keeping draconian restrictions on their states. These were imposed with little scientific support, and there are lawsuits in many states asking why some businesses were allowed to stay open and some forced to close. Newsflash: very few big political donors were kept closed. Therefore, it is difficult to attribute the bad numbers to Trump for jobs, since the problems are mostly in Democrat run states and cities.

The Hole in the Court

For months, Democrats have been hiring an army of lawyers to contest the election. They are well aware that Joe Biden is going to cost them congressional seats, likely dozens of seats. With the death of RBG, the democrats are really scrambling. With a 5-4 court (possibly a 6-3), they are going to lose. With RBG status on the court, many felt it was enough to get John Roberts to vote with the liberals, but now it is likely he will follow the crowd.

While the media is panicking about the situation, it will likely be a moot point. There are enough votes to confirm Trump’s pick and the Constitution supports it. McConnell’s idiotic game in 2016 and the dying wishes of the Justice responsible for more deaths than Hitler aside, we will likely see a new Justice before the election.

AOC and the brainless bunch should be careful calling for Dems to pack the court if they win. Trump still has the lame duck session. There is no reason that Trump cannot add another justice or two to the court after the election. This would bring the court to 11 justices, where even if the Democrats added 4 justices, it would still be a 8-7 court.

Stakes: high but likely resolved by the election.

The Real Issue

The elephants in the room, or rather the elephants in the Electoral College are the real issue in this election. If the Republicans hold the Senate and White House, along with taking the Congress, the electoral congress can be restored. Right now, 17 states have more than 3% of the population made up by illegal aliens. Of these states, 2 are considered solid red states (Texas and Utah), two are considered swing states (Florida and Georgia), and 13 states are considered solid blue states.

The real gem of this election is being able to state that representation in the Electoral College is judge by citizenship, not by wrought population. This small change would result in the loss of 3 “red” votes, 2 “purple” votes and 13 “blue” Votes. This would be a swing of between 10 and 12 electoral votes in all future elections.

Twelve votes do not seem like a lot. Of the 12 votes the Dems could lose, 11 are East Coast votes. This means that they come up on the electoral map before voting ends in the western states. Depending on how votes are enumerated, the number of loses by the Democrats could be double (registered voters) or tripled (if convicts are not counted) the losses by Democrats.

The stakes of this issue are very high. Not only do the Dem states lose these votes, but many of them would go to red states with low immigrant populations. This would be a 20-60 point swing in the Electoral College. Right now, most pundits start the Dems with a 60 point advantage (with the red and blue states considered solid). Restructuring the Electoral College to only count legal voters would eliminate this advantage and start the election on equal footing. With the fact that radical liberalism is a dying breed in the United States, this would be the death knell of the Democratic party.

Just a reminder, the stakes are high. Get out and vote.

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