Baby Lives Matter: They Set The Precedence

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If there’s one thing we on the Right love doing is exploiting hypocrisy to our advantage though some believe we don’t go hard enough.  Considering that the Right is not that great when it comes to messaging and marketing, still, the efforts we take is more covert in order to expose.  It should come to not surprise now that once rioting, looting, pillaging, and ruining livelihoods started happening, the Left showed their hand.  What is even more comedic is when the Left sets the groundwork allowing the rest of us the green light to copy and paste their tactics but with our message and that seems to be the case that is happening.

But First, the Context

In an effort to appear, tolerant and “anti-racist”, Democratic mayors all over the place are “doing their part” to ensure that they amplify and elevate melanated voices.  If you have yet to hear that phrase, you’re living under a rock, especially if you’re white.  Remember, when these black supremacists look at you, they basically parrot Nick Cannon.  So remember that white people, because “you” don’t have melanin, you don’t have soul or compassion.  Because of your lack of melanin concentration, you act out of fear and thus, act out of a place of evil, as Nick Cannon so “eloquently” puts forward.  So therein lies the issue, white people shut up.  Elevate melanated voices and you all can sit in the back of the bus.

So in an effort to comply because silence is also violence, apparently, mayors started taking efforts to ensure that everyone knows that “Black Lives Matter”.  Through tax payer funded efforts, street names have been changed and city workers are painting large single lane sized letters with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”  Some mayors have been taking part in the artistic expression that taxpayers never really voted on, but you know, little tyrants.

The Flipside

What we on the Right need to remember is, roadside murals and painting are very much allowed and in turn, ensures that people can, if they have the means, are allowed to paint messages on roadways.  If in fact, people vandalize these murals, according to the Left and these crazed Trump Derangement Syndrome suffering ingrates, you hate black people.  So what happens when someone decides to follow suit and do something that is exactly how the Left operated in this sense?  You get this genius display of the middle finger to the Left.

In Salt Lake City (SLC), overnight, a new mural sprung up out of nowhere.  This mural was different though as if it followed suit but a message that is more poignant.  It’s placement, genius.  It’s message, powerful.  The position it puts the Left, a veritable rock and a hard place.  This mural was displayed on the road that runs outside a Salt Lake City Planned Parenthood facility and it said, “Baby Lives Matter.”  A local SLC artist decided to take things into his own hands, follow suit and laid out a message that is just as powerful and just as much of a “duh” type of message.  Tayler Hansen was the artist who displayed this in front of that Planned Parenthood building in SLC and it is garnering attention indefinitely as a local news channel picked up on the incident.  

A Better Messaging Tactic

Now imagine if this started happening all over from Los Angeles to Boston and from Detroit to Miami.  If pro-life folks all over decided to follow suit and post a citywide message saying “Baby Lives Matter”, it puts a predicament upon the Left and their ilk.  First, if anyone screeches like a banshee about it, it shows they do not think the lives of babies matter.  Second, anyone attempts to deface these murals, again, it shows the Left to be baby murderers.  Third, if people are getting in trouble for making these street sized murals and are pushing for the removal of these works, then city officials will have to recognize that a big “Black Lives Matter” mural will in fact have to be removed just as equally as it will show the double standard.  Not having a double standard has stopped the Left but it will be something that the media will pick up on as the backlash that occurs from the Left regarding human life in the womb.  Such a gross display of hypocrisy will be too great to bear and the entertainment media industrial complex will feel that public outcry and the glorious thing is, it will expose the hypocrisy even greater.

A New Way To Fight

If you can’t beat them, join them is the way to go about doing this.  Rather than trying to deface a street mural of “Black Lives Matter” as some have been doing, the efforts would be better spent countering the Left with their own tactics.  We really can’t afford not to anymore and if painting a mural on roadways is perfectly allowed as that is officially co-signed by many city officials, then we have the green light to follow suit.  The only difference is, we have a different message and we should be more out in front with it.  We’re not joining the Left in terms of message, we’re joining the Left in terms of tactical maneuvering and then all we need to do is sit back, watch the hypocrisy seep out like pus from a zit, and see that pus come out from the face of these Leftists, and call them out with the full force of all the irony, satire, and insistence we can legally muster.

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