The Advent of Pelosivilles

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How Hesitation, Demagoguery, and Politicking are Creating the 1920s All Over Again

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One of the greatest sins of history, at least early 20th Century History, is attributing the Great Depression on Herbert Hoover. To a student of history, his actions helped stave off the worst of the Great Depression. In fact, he was bookended by two of the worst Presidents in the History of the United States, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. While the government overreach and abrogation of citizen’s rights between Democratic Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt were widely agreed upon as the reasons for the Great Depression and its length, Hoover received the distinction of having “Hoovervilles” named after him in the history books. Today America has Pelosivilles spread across America.

Wilson and Roosevelt’s Horrible Mismanagement

So what are Hoovervilles? A Hooverville is a tent city that forms up inside a town because of horrible mismanagement, mostly by the Federal Government. These tent cities were hotbeds of theft, violence, and even rape, as people starved and did horrible things to stay alive. Many scholars believe that the impetus of the depression which called forth the Hoovervilles was caused by the creation of the income tax and the establishment of the Federal Reserve. As such, these actions were brought into the effect of law under the Wilson Presidency, perhaps they should be called Wilsonvilles.

The hegemony of FDR served to extend the depression well beyond its normal course. FDR expanded government power into areas where it was constitutionally prohibited through corruption, graft, and unconstitutional threats There are places where it still lurks in the shadows today. While Wilson should receive history’s scorn for the genesis of the Hoovervilles, the length on their storied history falls on the shoulders of Teddy’s lesser cousin.

History, Unfortunately, Often Repeats Itself

In 2020, we are now seeing the same things play out that corrupted our country 107 years ago. The government is facing a crisis and is ill-equipped to deal with. To that end, it does what governments do. They use force to prohibit the rights of people. For their part, people have rebelled against the orders. The impetus seems more out of a sense of not liking to be told what to do rather than any integrity of constitutionalism. This leads the government to close its iron fist in the velvet glove further. This cycle repeats until there are no liberties to be taken, nor people who are willing to allow them to be taken.

President Donald Trump is trying to maintain the sanity of our country and the constitutionality of the government. The President, for his part, has acted reasonably well at all stages of this crisis. First, he tried to seal the borders, which was stymied by corrupt courts. Then he started a task force, which was met with criticism of calling it a “Chinese Virus.” When he asked people to stay home, he was called a tyrant, even though governors around the country were issuing unconstitutional “stay at home orders.” He attempted to prevent panic by downplaying the crisis, but when panic ensued those same words were seen as “ignorant” or “misguided.” His actions were correct, but they did not live up to the expectations of the media.

Pelosivilles Aren’t Enough for Many Politicians

Then came the stimulus package the intended purpose of which was designed to help people who had lost their jobs. A $1 Trillion dollar bill was created. What was passed by both houses was an absolutely horrendous government spending package, but one that was needed to save the people of this country. However, this was not enough for the elites in Washington. Even a bill needed to save the people was packed with pork by Liberal and Conservative shills alike. Things such as a billion dollars for the USDA, new endowments for the arts, new endowments for humanities, cultural awareness organizations, and the list goes on. The question at the hands of most Americans is, “Why?”

This rotten pork delayed the bill for over a week, now people are losing their homes as rent comes due and the government aid that was promised is still weeks away. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has inadvertently caused the problems we see in so many “elite” liberal districts across the country. Rampant homelessness and people desperate for hope because of the legislation and policies from Pelosi and the far Leftists have flooded the nation. Tent cities, or Pelosivilles as they should be called, are a common site in San Francisco. All Americans now live with the threat of them becoming a common site around the country.

Will Our Nation’s Collapse Be Averted?

This crisis, the economic crisis, is going to leave a much longer lasting scar on the face of our great nation than the virus will. The 200,000 American lives Dr. Anthony Fauci now estimates could be lost is a huge and tragic number. It could pale in comparison to the people who are going to succumb from not getting their prescriptions, having to choose between following orders to stay at home or try to earn money, and the laughable checks which should begin to roll out soon.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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This money is absolutely insulting when compared to the massive raises given to bureaucrats, lobbyists, and foundations around the country. It is time “We the People” demand a “More Perfect Union,” a union with term limits in both the legislature and the judiciary. The power must be returned back to the people, not housed in septuagenarians who have, like succubae, fed off of the soul of this nation for over four decades. Whatever is done, let’s come together and support those living in Pelosivilles find a better life for themselves.

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