Correction Part VI: The Future

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You’ve probably heard the old adage that “We do not need to reinvent the wheel.” On its face, it makes sense. That is, don’t change the system unless you have to. Yet we also see the shortsighted nature of groupthink.

What if the steam engine did not reinvent the wheel? What if the Wright brothers never reinvented aerodynamics? What if Henry Ford, Tesla, Musk, Einstein, Oppenheimer, or Gates decided against reinventing the process in which they worked? Where would we be?

The penchant against reinventing the “wheel” is simply a human manifestation of the status quo. It is the reinvention of a common thing or process, however, that brings humanity into a new age. It is time for a new age.

A New Branch of the Armed Forces

This year, President Trump commissioned the US Space Force. This is a glorious opportunity for the human race. Throughout the centuries, when the military enters into an arena, the private sector follows and improves the advancement.

For decades, space travel become stagnant because scientists overthought the process and performed everything in a lab or in a computer simulation. No one wanted to move forward over worries about the risk, and there was little profit in it.

Say what you will about the military, overthinking a problem is not one of its weaknesses. (Note: Please do not take this as disparaging against any individual in the military; this is a condemnation of mob thought rather than our heroes in uniform.) With the military protecting US and allied interests in outer space, business and the lucrative government contracts will follow. It is the dawning of a new age, a real space age

A Simple But Effective Correction

The correction here is simple. We need to step away from the bindings of thought that have kept us stagnant for decades and instead explore new ideas. Whether they be terraforming other planets, mining asteroids, or placing orbiting habitats and power plants in the sky, these questions will define us in the next two decades. Is humanity willing to slip the bounds of earth, or will we stagnate in our own failures until another virus comes along to take away our rights?

As Trump gave us the Space Force, consider this series of articles as a call for a federation. In memory of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the original Star Trek TV series, whose vision led to many of the inventions in the world today, it is fitting that, alongside military expansion into space, a corporate/public effort follows suit.

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Let Everyone Be Heard

This initiative should ensure that all nations have a right, as long as they agree to civilized rules, to explore, develop, and profit in space. To do this, people from around the globe need to come together to discuss this prospect. With the unlimited capacity of the internet, this meeting of the minds can and will be done digitally through the Pax Terran conference.

In May, the whole world is invited to this conference to discuss and learn about the future of law, business, and conflict management. The conference run five days around the clock to enable people across the world to participate. It is an open forum so that voices may be heard from all generations, classes, races, and nations.

Gone are the days of elites sitting in a room being the only ones making decisions among the billowing cigar smoke. It is now time for all voices to be heard and for all people to experience freedom. NRN is proud to be part of this conference because until all are free, none are free.

America has been the shining city on the hill for the entire planet. Now is time that our world becomes the shining beacon of hope for our solar system as humanity broadens beyond Earth to new discoveries, new hope, new cures and maybe someday, new friends. Please join us at the conference which you can sign up for at the NRN website, the Brāv website, or any of our affiliates’ websites.

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