CPAC EXCLUSIVE: NM Governor is “NOT Going to Get Our Guns” Says County Commissioner

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At CPAC 2020, NRN’s Frank D’Onofrio ran into Couy Griffin, New Mexico’s District 2 County Commissioner and founder of Cowboys for Trump. Having recently broke the story “New Mexico Implements Gun Confiscation” just prior to conference, D’Onofrio jumped right into discussing the legislative move of New Mexico’s Democrat governor and legislature. The overreach is clearly in violation of the US Constitution on so many levels and the governor has already faced friction with New Mexico sheriffs as she told them if they won’t enforce the law then they should resign.

Griffin told D’Onofrio that he spoke to the Western States Sheriff’s Association with 300 county sheriffs in attendance last week. In his message, he said: “There are two plans in America today. We have plan A and we have plan B. Plan B is in regards to our county sheriffs’ sanctuary resolutions and making a stand on the county or municipal/village level…. Plan A are the ballot boxes in November. If we can’t [turn the state red] at the ballot box in November, if by some strange reason…people we’re to actually vote a Democrat [governor] back into office in November and we were to remain blue, I can tell everybody this, they’re not going to get our guns.”

Watch the video clip below for more of the interview:

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