Calling Nancy Pelosi! Iran Is Striking Our Bases!

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President Obama and his compatriot Hillary Clinton left our brave men and women to fend for themselves in Benghazi ignoring calls for help. Fast forward to today and that is exactly what Nancy Pelosi did when Vice President Pence called to notify her that Iran was currently launching missiles toward American military bases in Iraq.

Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat friends in Congress endlessly admonish the Trump administration for failing to notify Congress when they so much as make a phone call to a foreign leader. This time the Trump administration is going by the book as missiles could have been reigning down on our soldiers abroad and Nancy was busy in a meeting with fellow Democrats.

Pelosi Blames Trump for Iranian Attack

Shortly after the attack began, Speaker Pelosi took to Twitter with a statement explaining that she was closely monitoring the situation. In addition to monitoring the situation, Pelosi blamed Trump for the attack claiming his provocations were to blame. I guess she forgot that Iran has been the provocateur commandeering oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, shooting down drones, and attacking our embassy in Baghdad.

Iran sent over a dozen ballistic missiles at two US bases within Iraq including the Ain al-Asad air base, none of which injured or killed any of our servicemen and women.

Fancy Nancy Dining Out While Americans are Under Attack

Politico reporter Heather Caygle reported on Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to take a 4:40 pm ET call from Vice President Mike Pence claiming “Tell him I’ll call him back.” Abhorrent and shocking, this response proves just how hypocritical Speaker Pelosi is. Especially after the backlash the Dems gave the White House for not communicating with the House of Representatives. Her claim that she was in a rush to return to the House chambers might have been misleading, however.

Photo credit: Anna Spiegel

At 5:15 pm ET, Anna Spiegel, a reporter for the Washingtonian magazine, photographed Pelosi at the grand opening of a new D.C. restaurant. Spiegel claims Pelosi was “only there for 10 minutes,” but that doesn’t excuse her earlier actions or misleading statement. The Speaker of the House should always be available to the Vice President for any emergencies. Clearly she knows this, ignoring it is a blatant dereliction of office.

Stephen Janiszak
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