Grinches Among Us: The Last 2019 Democrat Debate Shows Their Lack of Christmas Spirit

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Imagine that the United States was Whooville, sleepy and expecting decorations for Christmas (because we are allowed to say Christmas again with President Donald J. Trump in office). Off on the distant shores of California, on a mount that should be merry, were six loony people, who seemed a bit scary. From across the country, whence each of them came, even though we were winning, were bounded by shame. That was the Democrat presidential primary debate on December 19.

It seemed that the happiness of the nation was an anathema among them, given their plans for economic destruction.

A Christmas Rhyme on America’s Dime

From a made-up New Deal, to new ways to steal; it left each person watching know each was a heel. A cad and a crook, a cook and one craven, coward and klepto, none were behavin’. There eyes were agleam with new people to tax, each sharpened their claws for their vicious attacks. “You tried and you failed,” screeched one to another; stopping short only of insults attacking their mothers.

In money, and fame, and friends and the forests, their insanity rose like a demonic chorus. To strip away wealth, and freedoms and faith, they oozed over their airwaves like out of date wraiths. Ignoring the good times and longing for bad, they realized that winning meant people must be had. Hatred and spite were the voice of the night, there was no Christmas spirit on this cold winters night.

It actually was a cry for help from a dying Democrat Party.

Sorry about the poorly crafted verse, but the presence of each of the candidates was a reminder of the vices that the Grinch brought to the table. Bernie was the theft of taxation, Liz was the lies told to Cindy Lou Who. Yang was the scheming. Pete was the disingenuity. Joe was the lack of understanding, and Amy was the “Why cant people see it my way?”

It was not a debate; it was a cry for help from a dying Democrat Party that engrossed itself so much in the impeachment hoax that when impeachment dies, so too shall the party. One thing can be said about the new Democrat Party, with the exception of Mr. Yang, whom the moderators singled out as the “only person of color on the stage,” it surely is a white Christmas in the candidate pool.

Debate Winners and Losers

The winners and losers were pretty close. Everyone looked bad, and there were only a few glimmers of hope. Here is a rating in reverse order.

7. Elizabeth Warren (3,087 words spoken) Liz looked bad. Expecting attacks from Tulsi Gabbard at the last debate was par for the course, but when Mayor Pete came out swinging, Liz was on the ropes. At one point, she went for nearly three minutes scolding the moderators that she was going to finish her remarks. This brought upon an anemic rise in net favorability among Democrats of less than 3%. Warren often seemed to be rambling, searching for something to defend here economic plans that have been decried almost universally in the country.
Best moment: When she said she would be the youngest woman ever elected to the office of president.
Bad moment: When Liz made the blanket statement that all of the economists who disagree with her are simply wrong.
Worst moment: When Liz was making a point about people’s voices being drowned out, she was shouting down the moderators.

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6. Bernie Sanders (2,891 words spoken)
It was a bad night for socialism on the stage. Bernie did not play well to the California crowd especially given that the state is in a downward spiral owing to far-left principles. Even Bernie’s core support of college students seemed to be moving toward either Buttigieg or Yang. Bernie engaged in a slight back and forth with Joe Biden when they were discussing age, but overall his night was forgettable.
Best moment: When he stuck to his stump points and just continued to move forward.
Worst moment: When he said that black women die three times as many times as white women (people only die once).

5. Tom Steyer (1,937 words spoken)
Steyer did not do badly, but the problem is that he did not do well either. He seemed to just be keeping pace. Often, his points were lost because he was always chiming in “me too” with other candidates’ ideas. Steyer doesn’t stand out, and with Bloomberg moving in as the left’s billionaire heavyweight, he has little to work with.
Best moment: His term-limits position.
Worst moment: The audience largely ignoring him.

4. Mayor Pete Buttigieg (3,327 words spoken)
Mayor Pete took a swipe at Senator Warren, and it landed. Mayor Pete would have been the winner of this debate if it had not been for Senator Klobuchar knocking him out with a review of his political record. Mayor Pete then went back to the tried and true “But I am gay in Mike Pence’s Indiana,” but this time no one bit.
Best moment: Leveling Elizabeth Warren
Worst moment: Getting Leveled By Senator Klobuchar

3. Senator Amy Klobuchar (3,557 words spoken)
Amy is looking like the new “moderate” in the race, plus gaining the most speaking time for any of the candidates. With Tulsi not being invited and Cory Booker not making the cut, Klobuchar was in the so-called moderate zone with Joe Biden. The West Coast crowd, however, did not seem to react to her “Midwest or bust attitude” which weakened her overall position in the debate.
Best moment: Destroying Mayor Pete and undermining his campaign.
Worst moment: When she came across as pretentious towards the end. Yes, she took a good shot at Mayor Pete, but she is polling under 10%.

2. Former Vice President Joe Biden (2,869 words spoken)
Uncle Joe had a good showing at this debate. He played off his one gaff as a joke, and it went over well with the crowd. Joe was strong, and this was probably his best debate to this point.
Best moment: When he took control, saying “I am the only one who has not interrupted or ran over time; I am interrupting now because this is important.”
Worst moment: When he was tied to Obama’s regime.

1, Andrew Yang (1,729 words spoken)
Andrew had his best outing yet. With the other B-listers off the stage, Yang really had a chance to shine. That being said, he started to drift a little more toward the left on his home turf, and that may hurt him with independents (forced relocation is never a good thing).
Best moment: He stood out as the voice of reason, but still was pretty crazy.
Worst moment: When he started to go off on racial tangents. He was playing to the crowd, but I think those sound bites will hurt him later.

Democrats Headed to Second-Place Finish

One thing of note from the event. I have to give a lot of credit to PBS and Politico. They posed some of the best questions of the season. They were not lobbing softballs at the candidates.

Overall, they failed to move the needle much, especially given the notable exclusion of Gabbard and Booker. They were the Grinches, knowing the impeachment scheme had fallen flat, likely ending their chance at winning the presidency.

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