Whistleblower: EnergyStar and Weatherization Funds Illegally Used Since 2011

Federal Witness Says Its Been Happening Since Obama’s 1st Term

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Recently, I sat down with a man calling himself the Happy Trucker. He had quite an interesting story to tell, and now I am going to tell it to you. What you make of it is yours to decide. The Happy Trucker is allegedly a classified federal witness in an ongoing piracy investigation which he says intersects with various other investigations, including human trafficking. For Happy, it all started with the EnergyStar and Weatherization programs. At the time, he was a master at his craft. 

“In 1995 I was a residential contractor, building custom homes. The federal government was looking at inspecting and overseeing the building of a hundred new homes. And they were seeking a hundred contractors to allow them access to all phases of building a new home, which we were one of the very first to volunteer. Due to this program, I built the very first energy star home, It was totally anonymous, volunteer program, and over the next 15 years, I was heavily involved in the EnergyStar program, which is now known as Net Zero, building energy efficient homes at a cost effective margin.” 

Whistleblower: My Science Became Known as National Green Incentives

Happy tells us he loved what he was doing and had become widely known for his developments in the field of energy efficient homes and other buildings. “I’ve built the highest graded structures in the world, been recognized worldwide for my achievements and advancements that I have freely, voluntarily provided to my government and countless governments and universities around the world. The science that I provided ended up becoming known as National Green Incentives and the Weatherization Program. I ended up being the civilian representative of a lot of the program, the bill, and the stimulus.” 

Then something went terribly wrong. Happy had found out during the course of his work that the grants and funds being allocated for these projects were being embezzled. He started working with various agencies to get this to stop, and had succeeded by the 1st of July of 2012 in accumulating 2,800 sealed indictments, and had recovered $3 billion dollars out of the funds. But people were starting to notice, and soon he found himself blackballed in the construction industry. “Right after we finished the stimulus bill, I got blacklisted hard. Lost my company, lost everything. I was told because they couldn’t trust me.” 

“They were afraid that if I found that they were misappropriating the funds and stuff, that I would turn them in. The coordinator who I volunteered under did apologize to me and confess in July of 2012, after I was informed that my identity [AKA] was leaked, they figured out who I was and what I was doing. They were pretty upset with me.”

“I was attacking them, because in May of 2011, I found the crimes. The misappropriations, illegal science, indiscriminate use of funds, bribery, kickbacks, and personal use of federal funds.” Happy attributes the outing of his first codename with the FBI to Nancy Pelosi, who allegedly leaked it in 2012. After that, things started to turn bad for Happy. He describes his time in the industry as very exciting. 

Zero Federal Assistance

“I’ve been accredited with providing over 95% of the science.  Dealing with high performance buildings, and the energy efficient side of the structure of the modern home, private and commercial buildings. It was over a 15 year process that we were developing it out in the private sector with zero federal assistance. We did it on a customer basis, trying to find customers that wanted what I was providing.”

“It was a very exciting time, it really was. It was a competition of such slim margins of points to stay ahead of your competitor, I mean, it was a blast. Product developments, techniques and everything that we were developing out in the field, just for a tenth of a point.  It was the championship series, basically, in the construction industry, done in the private sector.”

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Pirate Hunter

Now Happy works to track down stolen grants and funds pirated by those who we should have been able to trust, going by several aliases, as he is a classified federal witness to the theft of funds from the two programs he specialized in. “I actually kind of have three aka’s, two of them derogatory, and one which was provided by the FBI. My first one which was publicly released by Nancy Pelosi starting at approximately September of 2012 when she started her potty mouthing out there about the turd, my original aka was known as The Turd.”

“It’s still one of my preferred, beloved responses. I mean, who wouldn’t like being called The Turd. Especially with the fear I put in them when they know I am looking at, you know, I’m messing with them.” Happy says this AKA was given to him as a reference to his statement when he found the crimes. He went to his superiors and said “I found a turd.”

“The second one was provided to me on September 24th of 2013, when the FBI requested an interview with me which took two hours. Due to the original eyes only person is what’s known as Deep Throat, they did not want another witness to have another derogatory name, so they changed it to The Truck Driver.” Happy started checking into the reasons behind his blacklisting at the behest of a State Supreme Court Judge who was a friend of his, and was told to follow the money.

When he did, he stumbled onto something huge. The EnergyStar and Weatherization programs were being used as slush funds. “I’d started searching at the request of a state supreme court justice friend of mine to start seeking my past and start following the money over my blackball, where I couldn’t get a job pushing a broom.”

“I’m in the textbooks, I am the master of the field, and I couldn’t get a job. When Obama took office, we became the green movement, and anybody with any background could walk into any office and got paid. And I couldn’t get an interview. So I started searching and investigating until I uncovered the crimes. When I found them, I started attacking, going after and shutting down the funds.”

An Interesting Side Note

The Weatherization Program was touted as a winner by such notables as the Center for American Progress. You may recognize some of the names on the board of directors list, rubbing elbows with John Podesta and Stacy Abrams. The Center for American Progress claims the Weatherization Program furthers the goal of combatting climate change.

“Energy efficiency is a win-win-win for the United States. It saves homeowners money, it puts Americans back to work, and it helps avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change. But energy efficiency investments are tough for some people to make because they typically involve relatively large up-front costs for benefits spread into the future. The Weatherization Assistance Program exists to help make sure all Americans share benefits of energy efficiency.”  

Illegal Participation

When asked what he meant by the illegal science, Happy had this to say: “With the science, there was illegal participation within the program. They were altering the program as I was uncovering the crimes. But from the original program, my main dealings were within the Weatherization program. And that was almost a quarter of the stimulus bill.”

“Between weatherization and the green incentives was $1 trillion dollars of the original stimulus bill. We knew it was a slush fund, but no one could get a criminal audit on it.” Some illegal participation included the funding of weatherization for mobile homes and commercial buildings, which didn’t receive the funds anyway.

Happy says he worked real hard for a while trying to get any and every agency he could to involve themselves, his goal to shut the funds down and prevent future raiding of US resources. “I was working back and forth with different OIG’s, Congress, and any other agency that  I could find to take on any bits and pieces. IRS, you know. Anybody that I could find that would be interested in trying to revoke the illegal uses of funds.”

“When the FBI took it over, they first announced it as the Public Integrity Investigation. On April 1st, 2015, they announced it as the Public Corruption Task Force, which had 24,000 new agents, which was the criminal audit of the stimulus. You know a lot of this, but putting it together, most people are like, they just dismiss so shortly, what actually everything is.”

Something About Climate Change

Missing and misappropriated funds seemed to plague the Obama administration, though it apparently thought nothing of sending pallets of cash overseas. One such payment was to the UN climate fund. From The New American in 2017: “In flagrant violation of federal laws signed by then-presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, outgoing President Barack Obama just illegally sent another $500 million of American tax money to a dictator-controlled United Nations “Green Climate Fund” (GCF). President-elect Trump vowed on the campaign trail to “cancel” the entire UN climate regime and the billions in payments, meaning Obama was almost out of time.” 

“When contacted with questions about the violation of U.S. law, the U.S. State Department responded with demonstrably false statements claiming that the GCF was an “independent entity” and “not an international organization,” and therefore not subject to the funding prohibition enshrined in federal law. The UN and the GCF, however, say otherwise, often and clearly.” Considering what The Happy Trucker alleges, it isn’t hard to visualize how the Obama administration found the funds to give to climate hoax schemes.

In addition, it was no wonder those involved sought to destroy the life he had made for himself, his wife and his kids. Today, Happy hunts pirates, and claims he has been very successful despite the lack of his handler, who had been discredited and charged with destruction of evidence. “we had a falling out when my handler (Bob Cessario) got busted for cleaning computers with ‘the rag.’ It’s known as acid washing.”

EnergyStar’s Eyes Only Deep Throat

“He was removed, so I no longer even have a handler or a contact. My handler, he was removed and stripped in December 2017 under a case out of Fayetteville Arkansas, the Jon Woods case, where he was bringing home evidence computers and acid washing them. He was stripped of all credibility and charged with destruction of evidence.”

The lack of a handler has proven to be a hindrance to Attorney General Bill Barr, according to Happy. “I am the witness behind the sealed indictments. I am the author of the eyes only file that Attorney general Barr has, that nobody can open. I have been referred to since August of 2013 as the modern eyes only Deep Throat. I provided the means of the criminal audit of the stimulus bill, and what is now known today as the 131,095 sealed indictments.”

Happy says the fact he no longer has a handler is the reason Barr cannot open the eyes only file he authored. Happy also says the sealed indictments have no grand jury process, and for a rather peculiar reason. Those involved have consistently removed themselves from the jurisdiction of the federal government over the past two decades and more. Therefore, another route must be utilized to gain justice against those robbing America blind. 

The Shores of Tripoli

“Piracy is identified as theft of US funds or treasures, on land or at sea by pirates or corrupt government officials. When a government official steals federal funds for personal gains of any sort, it is constitutionally listed as piracy and an act of war on the United States and the highest form of treason. We trusted them to safeguard and properly use our funds. From my FBI meeting, we built the public corruption task force from my findings. All seventeen agencies were listed MOB, and affiliated with misappropriations of justice, or other said crimes involving stimulus funds, from hiding the crimes to misappropriating the funds.”

When asked to clarify the last statement, Happy had this to say: “Yes [they’re being classified as the mafia], and RICO. Organized theft of US funds and treasures. That’s why no agency has complied with another agency for quite a few years. There is no compliance between agencies because they’re not legally allowed to because they are legally listed as mob and are subject of the biggest investigation ever. 2013 in September is when the FBI took it over, and it actually became a national investigation.”

Happy says that is the reason why the Marine Reserves have been “transferred to being civilian” and all past retired Marines are on active call backs. “The first duty of the United States Marines is to recover all stolen and lost treasures of the United States, and apprehend or kill all identified pirates.” When the indictments are all counted up, that totals out to a whole lot of pirates.

“I provided the means of the criminal audit of the stimulus bill, and what is now known today as the 131,095 sealed indictments. The investigation is being handled in a RICO format, which allows 94 names per indictment.” These numbers are for theft of American funds and treasures only, and do not include indictments recently handed down for various crimes such as human trafficking and pedophilia rings. 

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