Impeachment Scandal: Ukraine Hoax a Russia Reprisal?

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There Was No There, There

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Knowing that Progressive Socialists will never give up on attempting to take President Trump out of office, expect that some further steps (and lies) will come along before the end of President Trump’s first term. It is informative that nothing is now being said about the Russian collusion hoax Hillary and other liars in government set up to entrap our President. The American people understand that; even Peter Strzok said there was no there, there.

Putin has already said he would not permit the phone call transcripts to be released.

Progressive Socialists who want power so they can wield it to force the American people to conform to the agenda they have laid out for us will not give up. They cannot admit what the President has done to make this country better. They cannot understand why the American people turn away from the Socialist doctrine they want so much for us. American patriots know that our independence and freedom depend on our individual liberties, and not something that will be handed down from government elites who think they know much better than we do what we need.

Is Impeachment Really Warranted?

So, no more than a few days after they could no longer make the Russian collusion hoax work, they now have turned to Ukraine. A call between two heads of state was used in an informants diatribe concerning what was said in order to cause further erosion of the truth about the President’s’ agenda. Nancy Pelosi used it for no other purpose than to start impeachment proceedings before even reading it.

This has not been put to a vote in the House of Representatives, a precedent in all impeachments up until now. Putting it to a vote in the House would give Republicans the right to ask questions, call and subpoena witnesses and provide legal counsel to the President. Progressive Socialists cannot have that because it would destroy the narrative they and the sycophantic media have been using to convince the American people that impeachment is warranted.

The CIA informant (who is not a whistleblower), with ties to the Bidens being reported, shows his bias throughout the letter written for him by Progressive Socialist lawyers. There is so much more to this coming out. Progressive Socialists, following in the footsteps of the old Soviet Union, refuse to make any information available to the public and refuse even to let this so-called informant testify to Congress. I suppose they feel Republicans will leak as Progressive Socialists did to the media throughout the past three years.

Ukraine Hoax: Neverending Circus

The media is following the agenda of their Progressive Socialist masters and reporting the talking points of people like lying Pencil Neck Adam Schiff dutifully. They seem to think if they all use the same talking points often enough that the American people will believe them this time. President Trump, however, performed a masterstroke by releasing the transcript of the phone call after getting permission from the Ukrainian government. It shows that the informant and Progressive Socialists are basing this so-called impeachment on lies.

Progressive Socialists will not stop, though. They are already claiming there are more informants. Past political officials in the Obama administration have previously called for more informants to come forth. Considering hearsay evidence is now allowed for impeachment, there will be a constant flow of lies and innuendo coming out about Ukraine. I foresee in the coming weeks an informant coming forward, claiming to have information on calls between President Trump and Putin.

Putin has already said he would not permit the phone call transcripts to be released. Progressive Socialists will use these non-released transcripts to claim that President Trump did collude with Russia, and that is why they cannot be published. And once again, we will be back on Russia and the plot that has already been proven to be a hoax. And we can depend on the media falling in line and pushing the hoax once again. The circus will never end.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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