Border Patrol Agent Tinoco: Proud American Facebook Page Removed Permanently

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RIGHT NOW At NRN w/Sergio Tinoco: The Only Thing They Tell Me is I Violated Their Policy

Conservatives are no strangers to censorship on social media, and this week marks yet another example of left wing bias against anyone who doesn’t fit the narrative. NRN caught up with Border Patrol Agent Sergio Tinoco on Sunday, after learning his page, The Proud American, has been removed from Facebook’s platform. The Proud American was dedicated to the work that the men and women of ICE and Border Patrol do on a daily basis, and worked hard to get the truth to the American People. “I began a page two years ago. The page is called ‘Proud American,’ and really all I do is show the work that our men and women in Border Patrol do. Not just Border Patrol, but Customs, ICE, Law Enforcement. The good things, and of course I do discuss all the bad things that take place, but it’s just showcasing all the work that’s being done.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row column_type=”block” font_color=”light” background_type=”video” video_bg_url=”” video_bg_start_time=”139″ video_bg_end_time=”600″ video_bg_parallax=”true” add_overlay=”yes” overlay_opacity=”20″ bt_text=”BORDER PATROL” bt_font_weight=”300″ bt_font_style=”italic” shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″ add_bigtext=”true” min_height=”100″ bt_max_width=”300″][vc_column][wvc_video_opener caption_position=”bottom” video_url=”” caption=”Border Patrol Spotlight | Interview with SERGIO TINOCO”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]”And it’s not just me showcasing the work that we do, it’s also me trying to do anything I can to motivate our men and women to keep going forward, to stay strong, to stay the path, and continue to work on the mission we have at hand. Sadly, Facebook has determined that that’s not in line with their own policies and their beliefs. They went as far as unpublishing my page because of this. In the last two weeks, I’ve appealed Facebook’s decision to first suppress the page and restrict me from doing any additional posts or commenting on anything. So I appealed that several times. I have asked them for reasons as to why, and the only thing they tell me is I violated their policy.”

Agent Tinoco is a Veteran who served in the Army for ten years, has served in Border Patrol for 14, and is still going strong with them. He had his page on facebook for two years, and is saddened that it was removed. Tinoco says that when Facebook began suppressing his page, he appealed. He was told that the content he posts was not in line with their policies and violated community standards. When asked, Facebook gave no specific policy that his posts violated, nor did they state which posts were violating policy.

Sergio Tinoco on Facebook Censorship: Even Worse, Completely Erased It All

Two days after NRN’s Mary Magaline spoke to Agent Tinoco, he discovered the page had been restored. When he was asked if Facebook provided any reason at all for the page’s disappearance, Agent Tinoco said they had given no explanation at all. He reported back later that the page had been taken down permanently after a temporary reprieve. “They took it back down,” He said. “Even worse, completely erased it all as if it never existed.” This latest attack on free speech has Agent Tinoco making some very good points. His page was being used not only to showcase the work the men and women in Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies are doing, it also served to motivate and inspire the agents themselves to stay the course.

Agent Tinoco says he was using the page to counter the narrative set forth by the left with facts. He says even family members of those serving experience pretty horrendous treatment at the hands of their communities. Agent Tinoco says this can be hard on families, and it is a lot of pressure. Agent Tinoco himself has received messages like the one below on a daily basis when he logs into his social media accounts.

“It doesn’t just affect us individually, it affects our families. Our kids are hearing it at school from their friends. They’re hearing their Mom and Dad are Nazis. Mom and Dad are murderers. Our spouses are hearing it at their places of employment or network as well. They’re hearing that their spouses are killing kids, are caging people for no apparent reason. And that’s the furthest thing from the truth.”

Agent Tinoco says Border Patrol and other LE officials are hurting at home because of the rhetoric. “And sadly, it does hurt us in a sense to where we’re supposed to go home from our shift, whether it be during the day or during the night, and be able to unwind, be able to relax. Home should be our shelter, right? Because of the rhetoric from congress, because of the rhetoric from the media, that’s not the case. Now we have to go home and hear the problems that our kids and our spouses are dealing with because of it.”

Agent Tinoco says this is one of the reasons the facebook page was established. He wanted to counter the fake claims and false accusations of the media and his own government in order to alleviate public misapprehensions, and to help law enforcement families who are feeling the strain of those misapprehensions. Facebook has made itself the enemy of anyone trying to break through the fog and give the American people the real picture of what is happening in and to our country.

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“It’s bad because, you know, all I’m doing is putting out the truth. I’m countering the lies that are out there. I’m not demeaning anyone, I’m not ridiculing anyone in any way, shape or form, I’m not harassing individuals in any shape or form. I’m not making humor out of any situation. I’m just posting the work that our men and women in uniform are doing on a daily basis, and countering the rhetoric that’s coming out of congress and the mainstream media. I have seen many pages on facebook coming from the opposite side of the spectrum, where they’re completely demeaning conservatives, they’re bashing people, they’re calling them names and doing all kinds of horrific things and yet those pages exist.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][wvc_audio_embed link=””][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Agent Tinoco Updates NRN on the Crisis at the Border

Agent Tinoco says the things Donald Trump has been doing as of late have helped them immensely, but that he sees it as only a temporary fix. “Our numbers have declined dramatically, not because of anything that Congress has done, sadly. It’s actually everything the administration has done; The agreements that the administration has initiated with the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico even, and Honduras, and we’re seeing the results of that.”

“But again, this is an agreement, it’s not congress coming together at the table and saying, you know, ‘Let’s do immigration reform. Let’s fix this once and for all.’ Because eventually, an agreement can be decided to not take place anymore, and we don’t want that. Eventually those numbers will start to climb up again.”

It’s the Government’s Responsibility to Secure the Border

What is the main reason we have a federal government? No, it’s not to hand out free Obama phones. It’s not to provide healthcare to non-citizens. The federal government surely isn’t there to lecture us about how we treat the unborn. None of these newly-minted “responsibilities” of the federal government are actually things the government should have any business getting involved in.

What many people seem to forget is that we have a document called the Constitution that outlines the sole responsibilities of our federal government. One of the most important of those responsibilities is to protect the country against enemies, both foreign and domestic. If one dares to take this stance when it comes to border security nowadays, you will surely be referred to as a xenophobe or worse, despite the fact that President Trump is simply upholding his oath to the Constitution.

We constantly hear about how those coming here illegally somehow have a right to enter our country, explicitly breaking our federal immigration laws by claiming “asylum”. While claiming asylum is clearly a legitimate means for migrating to another country, there are specific guidelines laid out when it comes to the process. Two of the main factors include: the individual claiming asylum must be fleeing an established conflict and said person must claim asylum in the next neighboring country free of the conflict. This completely debunks the notion the media likes to portray that the people coming here actually have the right to claim asylum in the United States.

Agent Tinoco gives his take on what kind of message government officials who actually help illegals break our laws give to future law enforcement officials, and the world at large. “Look at how many democrat individuals out of our own congress have crossed the border to somehow try and get these individuals across, illegally, mind you. What government completely undermines their law enforcement body in this manner? What example are you truly putting forth for anybody that’s trying to become a law enforcement official in the future? I mean, what are you truly telling our kids? What are you truly telling the world?”

Regardless of how anyone feels about immigration in the United States, the flood gates remain open and hundreds of thousands of people continue to pour into our country. This has put the lives of the brave men and women of Border Patrol in danger. Every day they face off against human traffickers and drug cartels who exploit the open border. Not to mention, many of the border patrol agents have become glorified baby sitters and nannies, responsible for providing for the hundreds of thousands of migrants that pass over the border every year.

The Great Border Wall Debate

Build the wall! This has been the rallying cry from Trump supporters for the better part of three years. This demand placed upon the president and our federal government has stirred the pot and become a rather contentious issue, putting many on one side of the wall or the other. Do we build a “great big wall,” as Trump likes to put it? Or do we simply use technology and our military to secure the border? One thing is for sure, most Americans agree that we need to secure the border one way or another.

Building a wall seems to be the most logical method to secure a border, as it has been employed by civilizations throughout history going back to the Great Wall of China. The idea is simple. You build a physical barrier that prohibits people from trespassing from one place to another. Of course, it is never that simple to your average liberal individual, as building the wall has been met with snark and sarcasm.

Many of those who disagree with the wall claim that the people coming here will simply climb over the wall or dig tunnels underneath, both of which are valid claims. What they fail to recognize is the fact that we are the United States of America and Trump, the builder, is our president! With our ingenuity and advancements in technology, we have the means to build an impenetrable wall that almost no one will get past, which is better than just letting the borders be open.

A Reasonable Border Wall

Many in the media like to mock the idea of securing the border by building a wall. The reality is that the wall is by far the most logical means to enforcing our border and protecting the homeland. While that may be the case, logic would tell us that it is not feasible nor does it make sense to simply throw up a wall straight across from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean.

Most people would agree that a border security package should include more than just a wall. To fully secure the border it is necessary to have competent border security personnel to patrol the border. They should be backed up with the latest in technological advancements like advanced cameras, drone monitoring, and even apps that assist border patrol. Agent Tinoco says that along with that, Congress needs to come to the table and fix immigration laws once and for all. “They need to come to the table, they need to go ahead and revisit the FLORIS agreement. It used to just be for unaccompanied children. Now it includes family units.”

So called “family units” according to Tinoco, are “A huge reason why we had this large influx and people were showing up with kids that weren’t theirs. Just think how many kids were placed in danger because of this. They need to revisit immigration in general, all the policies that are in place, and come up with good, comprehensive immigration reform. Fix DACA, let’s start there as well, let’s take care of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who are directly impacted by DACA. Let’s give them a path forward toward actually legalizing their status. This should not be a political point. This should not be any party’s talking point. This affects our nation as a whole, and that’s how it should be seen.”

Despite the ongoing debate over border security, one thing is for sure – we finally have a president who realizes how important a secure border is, and how critical it is to the livelihood of any sovereign nation. He understands the fact that the porous border lets criminals, gang members, and tens of thousands of pounds of drugs into our country every single year. Despite the pushback from many in the mainstream media and liberals around the country, he continues to fight on the behalf of the American people! Sergio Tinoco understands the importance of the American Dream, and the fight to save it, maybe better than those who were born here. Agent Tinoco is a legal immigrant, and knows better than most what it is like to work toward the American dream.

“I grew up a poor migrant worker. I started picking crops at the age of seven. This last week I had the immense honor of being a keynote speaker for a major summit up in Washington, D.C. The other keynote speakers were Chief Provost, the Chief of the entire border patrol. Former Commissioner and former Border Patrol Chief Aguilar was another keynote speaker. For me, this individual, to have started life picking crops at the age of seven, to now be the keynote speaker at an event such as this, with leaders like Chief Aguilar, with leaders like Chief Carla Provost, it’s the American Dream.”

“And I want that dream to continue forward in the best way possible. Not just for my kids, but for generations that are coming up ahead. And we can’t do this in the manner that congress is seeing things right now. For our lawmakers to literally help others circumvent the law, they’re taking our country onto a very dark path. And it is saddening to see that. And our media is joined at the hip with that process, and with that mindset. It’s like they’re partners in this dark venture to undermine America, we should be truly concerned for our country. We need to voice our concerns when it comes to the voting booth. “[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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