Organized Crime: Why No RICO for Alleged Pedo Jeffrey Epstein?

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Calling for a RICO (Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations) Investigation

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When the Jeffrey Epstein case broke, New Right Network’s own Mary Magaline was one of the first people to break the story and bring it into the public light. Now we are seeing a concerted effort to provide alternative facts and to eliminate the history that Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender who has connections with the elite and powerful around the country, knew certain people and had cut ties with others. Time and time again we see the elite escape prosecution for vile crimes against “regular people,” and in the case of Epstein, his crimes were allegedly against the most vulnerable of people. This is one of the few cases where the government should be called in to deal with the problem The government of the United States needs to prosecute all people who were involved with this affair and ensure that the culprits are deprived of any and all means of perpetrating their criminal enterprise on unsuspecting people around the country. 

The problem, when you look at a sex trafficking operation like the one that Epstein is accused of running, is that all of the moving parts place the different crimes in different jurisdictions. As such, it is difficult for local law enforcement to go after all the criminals, because of jurisdictional technicalities. To further complicate this case, Little St. James island is in the US Virgin Islands Territory and is private which clouds jurisdictional issues further. It is time that the United States brings out the proverbial big guns and charges Epstein and his ilk under the RICO statute, seizing all of their property in the process and insuring that this does not happen again.

Next Step: Apply RICO to Epstein’s Case, Charge Him and His Accomplices With Organized Crime

The Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (US Code 9-110.000 Organized Crime and Racketeering) was created in the 1970s to deal with the issue of gangs and organized crime. The concept of the law was simple, since criminals were organizing and entering their criminal activities into legitimate business, the government needed to be able to charge and convict operations under these efforts and seize ill gotten gains that were “washed” through those legitimate businesses. In order for the government to charge a person under RICO one of the following conditions must be met (§9-110-400):

  1. “Local law enforcement officials are unlikely to investigate and prosecute otherwise meritorious cases in which the Federal Government has an Interest” – The world has known that Epstein has been involved with Sex Trafficking for years, the inuendo (President Trump even comment that he liked “girls on the younger side” in a comment from 15 years ago) that has circulated through political circles has moved past the point of rumor to applied evidence with the facts, video, and other evidence coming from Little St. Thomas Island. As so many of the cultural “elite” have been to the island (such as former President Bill Clinton, Famed Attorney Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew of England, Mogul Harvey Weinstein, and others) it is unlikely that local prosecutors will take on this case;
  2. “Significant organized crime involvement exists” – According to the Daily Caller, Epstein has paid over $5 million to silence three sex trafficking victims. As human trafficking and sex trafficking are international organized crimes, and Epstein’s $5 million would aid or abet those involved, this has a link to one of the worst current organized crimes the world;
  3. “The prosecution of significant political or government individuals may pose special problems for local prosecutors” – With both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump having been on Epstein’s island (though both men have disavowed Epstein), there is a political element to this case. Epstein has wealthy friends, so much so that the Attorney General of the United States has been called upon to recused himself from the case!

As you can see, this matter falls under all three of the RICO elements needed for the Attorney General to send a memo to the Organized Crime section to charge Epstein and his accomplices with Organized Crime. In this case, if the government could create a connection between Epstein’s alleged illicit acts and the “legitimate money” he developed, then all of his assets could be seized, taking away his ability to do this in the future. Since Epstein has been convicted of these activities in the past and there is no reason to doubt that he would do it again, should he get another “sweetheart” deal?

RICO Requirements for “Seeking and Indictment”

Since this matter meets the criteria for referring a case to the Organized Crime Unite, we must then look to see if it meets the requirements to seek and indictment. Under section 9-110.310 “Considerations Prior to Seeking and Indictment,” the alleged must:

  1. “RICO is necessary to ensure that the indictment adequately reflects the nature and extent of the criminal conduct involved in a way that prosecution only on the underlying charges would not” – Since we are seeing crimes in the Virgin Islands, over international waters, in New York and in Florida, it is imperative that the case fall under RICO as none of the individual jurisdictions would be able to charge all laws and provide evidence that all efforts were in concert;
  2. “A RICO prosecution would provide the basis for an appropriate sentence under all the circumstances of the case in a way that prosecution only on the underlying charges would not” – As Epstein has avoided charges through a “sweetheart” plea deal in the past, it is imperative that the case be turned over to neutral actors in the Organized Crimes unit, not the political actors in the Attorney General’s office;
  3. “A RICO charge could combine related offenses which would otherwise have to be prosecuted separately in different jurisdictions” – The combination of the charges under the RICO statute would allow a jury and the nation to hear the charges in concert, not as isolated incidents which show the integration of Epstein’s business, political, and criminal activities as covered under the statute;
  4. “RICO is necessary for a successful prosecution of the government’s case against the defendant or a codefendant” – Because of the star power behind Epstein (and the people who participated at his island), a neutral evaluator needs to be used to pursue a conviction. Even Christine Pelosi warned that “some of our faves are implicated” in the Epstein Case;
  5. “Use of RICO would provide a reasonable expectation of forfeiture which is proportionate to the underlying criminal conduct” – If it is shown that the assets of Billionaire Epstein and his millionaire and billionaire pals used the island to recruit people into their circle through blackmail, would indicate a connection to legitimate businesses and thus make all personal and business property of the illicit actors able to be seized by the government;
  6. The case consists of violations of state law, but local law enforcement officials are unlikely or unable to successfully prosecute the case, in which the federal government has a significant interest – Human trafficking is a significant government interest. I doubt that anyone would disagree with that. Since there are jurisdictional issues, it would be difficult for state officials to prosecute this as a concerted effort. That is even if they would with the number of famous people implicated in the crimes;
  7. “The case consists of violations of state law, but involves prosecution of significant or government individuals, which may pose special problems for the local prosecutor” – Once again the fame of this case may make it difficult for local prosecutors to do their job and prosecute and we do not know how deep the “black book” goes yet.

We see that the case of Epstein meets and exceeds all of these elements to garner an indictment under the RICO statute. 

How to Take Action

It is time that we eliminate the double standard that we are facing in the United States with the elite not being punished for their crimes. Had a regular person committed the crimes Epstein had in the past, they would still be in prison; if they were let out, they would be living in destitution because of their heinous crimes. Epstein still lives in penthouses and oceanfront properties. Even Weinstein, who also was charged with sex crimes, only got a slap on the wrist. It is time that the government brings out the big guns, there is a RICO case here. You need to watch the media for those who oppose this, you will start to likely see their names come out as attendees on orgy island. The media-industrial complex tends to protect their own, and with their very own pimp being taken down, you will start to see technicalities come out of the woodwork.As with many cases, there is something you can do in this matter. Call the attorney general’s office (202-353-1555) and ask, as an American citizen, why Jeffrey Epstein and his criminal organizations are not being charged under RICO. With enough calls, the government will do its job. Call your local newspaper and ask the same question. Likewise flood CNN (404-827-1500), MSNBC (212-664-6605), OANN, and Fox News (1-888-396-4762) with the question. Let the media elites know that we want a spotlight shined on this case and we want the law enforced.

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