Epstein Found Injured and Unconscious in Manhattan Jail Cell!

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Billionaire Pedophile Taken to Hospital

Jeffrey Epstein, the 66 year old billionaire pedophile financier, was found on the floor of his cell tuesday night with apparent neck injuries. The pedophile was found unconscious, according to sources, and his face was reportedly blue. Some are calling this an attempted suicide, however Epstein was filing an appeal to the judge’s ruling of no bail. Prosecutors successfully lobbied for no bail by proving Epstein was a significant flight risk. Epstein was taken to a Manhattan hospital for treatment.

Epstein was surprised with an arrest on July 6, and charges were leveled at him on behalf of nearly 80 victims. He has pled not guilty to sex trafficking after committing untold sex crimes against dozens of underage girls. From the New York Post: “Investigators believe Epstein may have done it to himself on purpose, possibly as a ploy to get transferred out of the jail, sources said.”

There are, however, conflicting opinions about how Epstein received his injuries, with one source claiming he did it to himself and that the injuries are not serious. Two more sources tell NBC New York that Epstein may have tried to hang himself, while more sources claim a possible assault has not been ruled out, and that they are speaking to a fellow inmate about the incident. Jeffrey Epstein has been put on suicide watch, which is isolated and protected, until further notice. 

This incident has fueled speculation that perhaps Epstein has become a liability to his biggest clients, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and that he may just be the latest in a long string of “suicides” in the “Clinton body count.” 

Stay tuned as this story develops for updates!

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