The Four Freshmen of the Apocalypse

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Join us as we explore how the newly sworn-in Congresspersons Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar are bringing on the end of the Democrat Party. We’ll also delve into the reasons why we should let them as the “Freshmen Class” bring forth the “apocalypse” to the Party of the KKK, Socialists and the #Resist Movement.

Draining the Swamp Exposes Muck

There is an old saying that when you drain a swamp, all the muck and disgusting rotting quagmire laid under the dormant surface water will be exposed. Only then can the stench it creates be dealt with. In the third year of his first term, President Donald Trump has made good on his promise to Drain the Swamp of Washington DC.

Few expected when he decided to do it, senior Democrat and Republican members of Congress would abandon ship before the investigations began. In their place, poorly prepared and ill qualified radicals from both sides of the aisle swept into seats. The rising swamp stench results in Congress being at a standstill. Ideological bombshells are lobbed back and forth between party leadership while freshmen members of the House of Representatives stir the pot. Now Washington is even more dysfunctional as we wait for the last of the swamp rats to retire.

Calling the Democrats Out

Four members are gaining notoriety as being a harbingers of change in the Democrat Party. They are hereby dubbed “the Four Freshmen of the Apocalypse” because they have an abysmal record on human rights, woman’s rights, race relations, race-baiting, the environment as well as economics during their short terms in office.

With dozens of new congressional members bringing change to Washington, the four named may be bringing the most. Their actions and words polarize Americans. The four’s agendas are opposed by most Americans outside of the ultra-Left, radical wing of the Democrat party.

Similarly, there are “four horsemen of the apocalypse” in the Bible. Without risking extending the allegory too much, they are the results of “Christ-Rejecting World.” Here we will compare the freshmen congresswomen and the Horsemen. We start with the White Horse Rider.

Freshman False Prophet: Ayanna Pressley

Biblically, the first horseman of the apocalypse rode a white horse. The horseman was a false prophet “bent on conquest” or a “Trojan Horse.” For the purpose of this article, Representative Ayanna Pressley is given the honor of being the “First Freshman” of the “Democrat Apocalypse.”

Pressley’s agenda is to gain voters by opening the border, allowing 16 year olds to vote, removing law officers, allowing hordes of people to enter that are not vetted to overrun the USA welfare, school, medical, and legal system. To do this, she promotes abolishing ICE and CBP. Naturally, impeaching President Trump is on the agenda because he stands in her way.

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She is dividing our nation with continuing pledges to impeach the president.

According to the Washington Times, Rep. Pressley wants to add an amendment to a Democrat-backed bill to expand voting rights. Pressley claims “young people across the country are taking the lead on key issues from gun violence to climate change. She said that under her amendment people as young as 16 could vote to elect members of Congress and the president.”

By lowering the voting age, the number of eligible voters increases. This is not about letting “those who will inherit the country” have a vote. It is purely an attempt to gain votes. This agenda marries well with Pressley’s push to slander the hard-working, selfless officers of ICE and CBP claiming they are “rogue“.

Here is her full statement: “I had to put a marker down early that if we were going to increase funding for ICE or the CBP, then I couldn’t support it. … I think the best predictor of the future is the past, and these are agencies that have proven themselves to be rogue.”

Freshman of War: Rashida Tlaib

According to the Bible, the next is the Red Horse rider, the horseman of war. The infamous honor is given to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib who is named here as the “Freshman of War.” She is dividing our nation with continuing pledges to impeach the president — over Democratic leadership’s objections.

Rep. Tlaib became famous when she was elected as the first muslim Congresswoman. This endeared her to the Democrat Party because of its effect on identity politics. She became even more famous because of her profanity laced speech including the statement that “We’re going to impeach this [Expletive deleted].” This language drew sharp criticism from most on the Right and many on the Left.

Tlaib is also under fire for her affiliation with anti-Isreal, pro-Hamas radicals like Abbas Hamideh who is the head of a Palestinian ‘right to return’ group. This has brought along with it, accusations of her anti-Semitism when she opposed a bill supporting the free speech of people who support Israel. Embodying the spirit of war, Tlaib is dividing the country from its allies, the country in general and the Democrat Party itself which is battling over her radical agenda.

Freshman of Famine: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The next is horseman is the rider of the black horse designated here as “Freshman of Famine.” The honor is bestowed upon Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York. With the idea of eliminating corporate farming and the use of advanced farming techniques, Ocasio-Cortz’s Green New Deal (GND) proposal is a recipe for causing famine around the world.

Billions of people rely on grain and produce created by industrialized farming in the United States. Even the byproducts of our agricultural markets (like chicken meal, soy based products and ethanol) are vital in combating some of the greenhouse emissions the GND is supposedly trying to save us from. The billions of people would starve when we cut the world export food production effectively by a third. Millions more would fall into poverty as the industries in which they work rely on the massive amounts of food the United States sends to other countries.

Here in the United States, mega-cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles would struggle to feed the millions of people living within city limits. “Personal garden space” would not be available to anyone but the wealthy.

The Congresswoman muses if “Is it okay to still have children in this world?” This mirrors her support of the New York abortion bill and her opposition to the Senate’s Born Alive Survivors Protection Act that failed to pass which would have provided medical care to survivors of abortions.

Nothing portrays famine more than an infant, skin burned with saline solution, shivering, starving, and struggling for air on a table while “doctors” stand by and do nothing. As Democrats move to kill more and more unborn children, and even have rumors of euthanasia being a good thing, the Party slowly starves for new members as people exit due to poor policy by the extreme Left.

Freshman of Death: Ilhan Omar

The final horseman in the Bible is the rider of the pale horse, the angel of death. This moniker goes to the freshman congresswoman from Minnesota, Representative Ilhan Omar. It is hard to get past the numerous stories on her anti-semitic statements and rants. These alone should have disqualified her from entering office as a United States Congressperson.

It is well publicized that her district in Minnesota is a terrorist recruiting hot spot in the United States. Omar states that “our involvement in other people’s affairs” was the cause of the al-Shabab attack in Kenya.

Another scary part of her agenda is that she was the dissenting voice on a bill that would limit life insurance payments to terrorists. She has also come under fire for asking a judge to “show compassion” in the sentencing of men trying to join ISIS. This effort is redoubled in her support of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that is trying to find a way for an ISIS bride to be able to return to the United States.

By supporting those who seek death, and providing aid and comfort to those who are actively helping enemies of the United States, Rep. Omar signifies the “Freshman of Death.” Omar should be impeached from her position in the House of Representatives and tried for treason.


The final character in our pentagon of pea brains, is Cory Booker. Since there are only four horsemen, and Cory Booker is not really evil per se, it is easier to equate him with Gilligan from Gilligan’s Island rather than a fearsome angel of the apocalypses. Booker started his career as the Golden Boy of New Jersey, with ultra-Left benefactors like Oprah and Spike Lee. Booker did try to help people: “He shovels residents out of their driveways when it snows and tackles muggers with the graceful force of a former All-American tight end.” His troubles started when his projects suffered as he stepped to higher and higher office, trading time working on his job for time campaigning. Incompetence aside, Booker worked his ways into the hearts and minds of Americans when he played the lovable character “Spartacus” in the Brett Kavanaugh Hearings.  Booker attempted to make the ultimate sacrifice of his career as he disclosed classified information that the world needed to see. The information was not classified as it had been released the previous day and the world really did not care about it because it was not really damning evidence against Justice Kavanaugh.


These bumbling buffoons and anti-Semitic archetypes are widely accepted by the Democrat Party as the “future.” Honestly, with enemies like these, who needs friends.

Booker and Harris are to young, too untested, and to ripe for parody for their presidential runs. AOC seems to be having trouble with finances as over $800,000 from her campaign account was improperly assigned. Tlaib and Omar have given Muslim Americans in Congress a bad name- supporting the anti-Israel, pro-terrorist tropes that bigots alleged they would support. Ocasio-Cortez’s own faults are overshadowed by her support for their hate-filled, divisive agenda.

If this is the future of the Democrat Party, the nation can sigh a breath of relief because no matter how rabid, how socialist, or how insane these caricatures are, the people of the United States will never allow a Party built on racism, socialism, and oppression of the people to stand for long. It is time for Senator Booker to take these freshmen on a “Three hour tour.”

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