Awkward View: Whoopi Left Speechless When Confronted on Set

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The Unhinged Left

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Nothing is more enjoyable than seeing members of the Left receive a little dose of their own medicine. They chant, jeer, and harass those of the conservative persuasion on a regular basis. They show up at our homes and workplaces to simply make a scene and score some political points. This week, even more than normal, seeing a someone with a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) receive their comeuppance on the set of ‘The View’ just feels right.

Why haven’t you moved out of the United States?

Harry Cherry to Whoopi Goldberg

Harry Cherry, an up-and-coming investigative journalist, took the opportunity to attend a taping of ‘The View’ on Wednesday. He decided to ask Trump-hater, Whoopi Goldberg, a question while he had the chance. “You said you would move out of the United States when President Trump was elected. Why haven’t you moved out of the United States?” Whoopi wasted no time ushering in security to remove Cherry. Needless to say, she didn’t answer the question and she definitely hasn’t moved.

Cherry presents a real sticking point when it comes to the actions of the left. They love to talk about all the things they are going to do in retaliation or response to President Trump, but very few of them actually follow through. The list of celebrities that promised to leave the country after Trump’s 2016 election win is pretty long. The list of celebrities who followed through on that promise/threat is very short, however.
Whoopi Goldberg CONFRONTED On Set Of The View / YouTube

We were able to catch up to Harry to discuss the confrontation and ask him why he decided to stand up to Whoopi and the ladies of ‘The View.’ “Almost every day Whoopi and Joy trash President Trump…and they trash him viciously. They don’t just trash his policies,” said Cherry, “they launch attacks against him personally.” Cherry said that despite the booing of the liberal leaning audience around him, he’s glad he spoke out. “I hope my confrontation shows people that anyone can stand up and hold public figures accountable,” Cherry finished.

It’s always refreshing to see young people realize their power politically and socially. The actions of Cherry should be a testament to every other American. There is no one who is above reproach and accountability. Those on the left (and some on the right) believe that their words don’t matter, but the actions of Cherry this week prove that just isn’t true. There are always people watching and ready to call out hypocrisy. It’s the responsibility of every American to stand up and deliver a little dose of truth from time to time. Harry Cherry did just that.

Bradley Brewer
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