Crazy Statements Made by Democrat Candidates

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Democrats Hate America

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The Democrats have said and done a lot of absurd things in an attempt to gain power. They have tried to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation with false sexual assault allegations, tried to impeach President Donald Trump and allowed illegals into America for the sake of gaining votes. Quite simply, they are unhinged and incapable of running this country. Here is a run-down list of what you need to know before voting day on November 6.

Pretending to Care About Illegals to Gain Votes

Stacy Abrams, a Democrat running for governor in Georgia, said the blue wave would be because of illegal immigrants. Leftists are now openly advocating for illegals to have the same rights as legal, American citizens. Candidates like Abrams would like to prioritize illegals over Americans who came here legally. This was not the only issue that will haunt her run for office. She allegedly owes $50,000 in back taxes. With all of this debt looming over her, it makes her reputation questionable, especially since the United States has $21.6 trillion in national debt.

New Sanctuary State and Abolition of ICE

Michigander Gretchen Whitmer supports EB-5 immigrant visas, plans on abolishing ICE, and turning Michigan into a sanctuary state. She was also criticized for working alongside Jennifer Granholm because they told constituents they would fix the roads. Whitmer never fixed the roads, but Michigan taxpayers had to pay more in taxes. Whitmer was seen at a women’s march and has worn a pink hat which says “Planned Parenthood makes America great.” She is trying to paint herself as a moderate now, but she has called herself a progressive while on MSNBC.

Her running mate, Garlin Gilchrist, supports her mission of abolishing ICE. In a YouTube video, he said the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (otherwise known as ICE) threatens lives. Neighbors of Gilchrist were complaining about the blighted property he owned in Detroit.

Demographics Impact Elections

Beto O’rourke of Texas is considering abolishing ICE. In 2024, Texas could become a Democrat state due to demographics. This would mean it would be impossible to elect another Republican president.

Calling Your Voters Crazy

Kyrsten Sinema’s absurd claims from a 2006 interview with Scottsdale Nightlife Magazine are now resurfacing. She told the magazine stay-at-home wives are leeches on their boyfriends or husbands. This can be compared to Hillary Clinton when she implied housewives simply eat bonbons and bake cookies. Feminists have a deep disdain for women who live a traditional lifestyle.

Sinema also called Arizonians crazy and dissed Arizona by naming it the Lindsay Lohan, meth lab of states. Does not sound like someone who loves the state she wants to represent.

Socialism in the United States

Andrew Gillum is a radical socialist who is running in Florida against Ron Desantis. Gillum would like to impeach Trump, have government-run health care, and abolish ICE. Gillum also speaks highly about George Soros, who owns the Open Society organization, which funded the caravan coming from Honduras.

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Banning Guns

Claire McCaskill, the senator of Missouri, wants to ban guns as revealed in a Project Veritas video. Depending on where she travels, she tells a different campaign message. McCaskill’s campaign staff had no clue she had such radical plans.

McCaskill voted against Brett Kavanaugh and had cognitive dissonance when she said she could work with Republicans. She also said she agrees with President Trump 50% of the time.

Vote Republican to Protect the Constitution and Secure our Borders

All sexual assault victims deserve to be listened to, but not all of them should be believed. Democrats fail to respond to the sexual abuse allegations against Cory Booker, Keith Ellison, and Bill Clinton. The extremist Democrats want to get rid of due process, which means all ‘survivors’ will be believed. The #MeToo movement has gone too far.

If the Democrats get into power, they will try to impeach Trump and Kavanaugh, ban guns, and allow for open borders. A red wave will mean that Trump can cut taxes for the middle class, work on immigration reform to keep Americans safe and continue keeping America Great. The choice is obvious.

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