NO SHAME: Democratic Candidate Caught Stealing Opponents’ Fliers

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The Ultimate Hypocrite

They vandalize, tore my billboard down on Rte 301. An individual would have to climb up and tare it down. Bent another road sign. You cannot erase my name from the hearts of the people.
— Monique Johns

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These were the words of the Democratic candidate for Delaware Representative, Monique Johns. She is running for Representative of District 9 in Delaware which includes Middletown. Johns has accused Republicans of stealing and destroying her signs, but the only person caught destroying campaign material is Monique Johns herself.

WDEL is reporting that Johns was caught on security cameras stealing the campaign literature from her opponent, Republican Kevin Hensley. On Sunday, October 22nd, Hensley was out and about in Middletown knocking on doors, meeting the constituents, and passing out fliers. At one home Hensley visited, the homeowner had security cameras installed that showed the incumbent putting out literature for the homeowner when they returned home. The disturbing portion of the video, however, did not come until much later. Later that day, the video proves, Monique Johns comes to the same house Hensley had visited earlier. She does not simply add her literature (as would be expected), but rather she steals her opponents’ flier and replaces it with her own.


A Moment of Stupidity or a Revelation of Character?

The story shows the worst about partisan politics. Johns decided that she could not beat Hensley fair and square, so she chose to cheat. The biggest question that this brings up is: was this a momentary lapse in judgment or is the actions of October 22nd who Monique Johns is? On a grander scale, is this who the Democratic Party is? The Democrats stop at nothing to win elections. They pad their roles with dead people, they fight voter ID laws simply to allow for their illegal voting activities, and they rig elections using ballot tech to screw the American people over (just ask Bernie).

Monique Johns has since apologized for her actions and says that she is desperately sorry about what she did (or at least getting caught). She pleads with the electorate of Delaware District 9 to give her the chance to show her true colors. She promises that this is not who she is. Though we do not know too much about Miss Johns, one thing is clear – this is no fluke.

Welcome to the new normal of the Democratic Party.

Bradley Brewer
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