America and the Division Within

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A House Divided

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We have not been this divided as a nation since pre-Civil war times. The rhetoric and garbage flowing from the mainstream media does little, if anything, to assuage this war within. Consequently, it fans the flames even more. Journalism has taken a backseat in favor of dissidence and discord. It appears they even take great pleasure in dividing the country into further chaos and disarray, choosing to align themselves with anything that opposes good.

How do we find healing in the midst of such chaos? Across all social media platforms, we see people fighting and words spoken that should never be said. We see brothers fighting against brothers, parents against children and on it goes. Families are being torn apart over political issues. People in the highest offices in the land are calling for protest, riots, and harm to anyone who opposes their point of view.

We have all witnessed restaurants throw people out because of who they are employed with, grown men assaulting teenagers for a choice of a hat, and still others confronting people while they are trying to have a quiet meal at the end of a long day. It would seem that healing is impossible to achieve in the midst of such extenuating circumstances.

When Will We Stand Up?

The time has come that we must take a stand against those who would further damage the America we all love. The powers that be are pushing us to another civil war, and we need to wake up to this fact before we start burying our loved ones in graves again, across hillsides as far as the eye can see.

We will only accomplish this by laying down our prerogative to be right and start having honest, open dialogue again. We have to stop letting the rogue forces persuade us that we are beyond repair, that there is no hope. We need to put the blame squarely on the shoulders of those responsible for this great division we are experiencing.

Who Is to Blame Really?

If we look objectively at the current state of affairs, we can find a clear answer to who is responsible. The blame lies solely with the ones we choose to listen to. The old saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” If we are willing to take responsibility for our own actions and words, and honestly try to bring healing, there will be a turning around in this nation.

There are a few things we can do to bring healing. For one, stop listening to the talking heads spewing gloom and despair. Turn it off and go meet a neighbor. Listen to their point of view. Have real conversations. Also, be willing to learn and to actively listen. Learn what it means to be humble again.

The people pushing for civil war are pushing your buttons; do not let them. They want you angry, disgruntled and worked up. We see this constantly with groups like Antifa, the Open Borders Society, Hollywood’s Propaganda, and so forth.

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What Is the Answer?

We have witnessed a great awakening among groups led by influential voices such as Kanye West, Candace Owens, and recently with the #WalkAway campaign. These are phenomenal moments that will be written down in history as steps toward unifying our nation once more. As we seek to unite the nation, we must be willing to embrace those who would join with us to Make America Great Again.

What makes unification possible? The answer can be perfectly summed up by our President. President Trump has shown remarkable strength, courage and fearless determination through so much opposition. He is constantly barraged with rumors, hate, death threats and more. Yet, he works tirelessly on behalf of all Americans. How does he accomplish this?

The answer is simple yet very profound if you are willing to learn it which is “Peace through Strength.”

If you have any hope for America to be great again, learn this and learn it well. America will only be great again when we restore unification under one flag, as one nation. God Bless our President and God Bless America.

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