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Happy Two-Year Anniversary

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Two years ago, New Right Network was conceptualized and put into motion. The idea was to give Americans a place to have a voice, and as a result, New Right Network has grown rapidly. MAGA supporters have been searching for a place to have community, to discuss what is important to them and more importantly, to be heard. From the heart of one American, known in the social media atmosphere as @Rsashe1980, a community was born.

Who Am I?

My name is Rose Taylor, and I am the Editor-in-chief of New Right Network’s Journalism team. New Right Network is coming into its 2nd year with a trove of willing hearts, MAGA warriors, and professional skill sets. Our mission is simple, to defeat liberalism in America and further the MAGA agenda. Through teamwork and amplifying our voice, our values will be heard. I want to share how New Right Network leadership and I tapped into the unbridled enthusiasm of MAGA conservatives to recruit and amass a Journalism team of 30 writers and editors in just three months.

America Was Without Hope

Over the past two presidential terms, there were many Americans who felt like their voices were lost. Some gave up the belief that this country was still the nation of, ‘We the people.’ Americans felt defeated, lost, and without hope. Fast forward to June of 2016, the moment that Donald J. Trump descended that escalator. Those same Americans that had previously felt cast aside started paying attention. That moment was the beginning of the MAGA movement.

The MAGA movement is more than who we elected as President. Donald Trump may have put the movement in motion, but this transcends one person. The MAGA movement represents what has been referred to as the ‘silent majority,’ the forgotten men and women whom President Trump reached out to with his “America First” message. No longer were they discarded. No longer were they insignificant. Hope had been sparked again, and a burning passion for restoring American values was thrust into full throttle.

People Want to Be Heard

The fire that had been lit in more than 60 million people that voted Donald Trump into office is still very much alive more than a year after his inauguration. Americans have flocked to social media sites to do their part in spreading the truth and dispelling the lies that are fed to us daily from the mainstream media. People of all ages have joined the movement using various platforms, to include Twitter and Facebook, hoping to make a difference.

Many of those people have been met with obstacles. From being harassed by people with opposing opinions to being shut down by the platforms, it is evident that there is a real push to make the silent majority silent once again. The constant battle to stifle the voices of the MAGA movement has not been successful. Instead, that fire burning inside of the people has been stoked. They are looking for a way for their voices to be heard.

A Grassroots Movement

New Right Network is run by volunteers. We are entirely a grassroots movement filled with passionate and talented people who want to make a difference. In February of 2018, I teamed with leaders in New Right Network, and we developed the idea to begin a journalism arm of the organization. With nothing more than an idea, I reached out to the MAGA community via Twitter. The outpouring of response was phenomenal.

As the journalism concept turned into a reality, the excitement from the volunteers was palpable. Willing hearts born from the desire to make a difference created a real momentum. These volunteers, most with little or no experience as a published writer, began creating unique and intriguing content daily. Each one of the people working with journalism embodies everything that New Right Network stands for.

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Although New Right Network was started by an individual, it has never been about any one person. New Right Network is a team of individuals working every day to MAGA. What ultimately has been created is a community of people who want to see this country be Made Great Again. MAGA is the root of this organization and can be seen in every person who steps forward to volunteer their time.

They Want to Shut Us Down

There are millions of people who are on the MAGA train, and as much as the media would like to drown them out, they will never return to being silent. President Trump created a movement that will never be stopped. Never again will we be the forgotten; we will continue to work hard to not only Make America Great Again but to sustain our efforts to Keep America Great.

There is power in numbers. The mainstream media and Democratic leaders do not want people to realize this. The narrative that anyone who supports MAGA is ‘deplorable’ is quickly being dispelled as more MAGA individuals decide that enough is enough. MAGA is for every person regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or social class. As eyes are being opened to that fact, the liberal media is scrambling to keep their narrative alive.

We Will Never Be Silenced

New Right Network will continue to be a place of community and a place where every person can be heard. The narrative given by the media does not affect us as we are here for America and everyone is welcome to join us. No voice is too small, and no amount of talent goes unnoticed. There is a place for everyone here. Individually we can change a little, but together we can change the world.

Join The Movement Now

Join New Right Network and our growing army of MAGA conservatives! There is no better way to help us celebrate our 2nd anniversary than to sign up as a volunteer. Together, we are willing to do whatever it takes to get our country back. Through this spirit of volunteerism, New Right Network gathers regular people like yourself to make an exciting MAGA dream team. Teamwork makes the dream work! Jump over to our short application and join us today, in any capacity: Sign Up Here

Rose Taylor / Editor-in-Chief

I am the mom of two beautiful children. It is my mission to leave them an America not destroyed by the liberal agenda. I am 100% MAGA and believe passionately that this movement will create an America for my children and the generations to come that we can be proud of.
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