American Politics: Then and Now

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The Beginning of the American Republic

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The year was 1789 and America was on the precipice of becoming a great nation. It was the year that would see George Washington become the first President of these United States. The population was around 3,000,000 white people as opposed to 700,000 slaves. Roughly 90% of the population was in agriculture, while the remaining 10% were considered the ruling elite.

The Aristocracy From The Homeland Of Europe

Research shows that the nation was struggling to put down its roots of what would become the political system we now know as our government. There were two schools of thought; one called ‘strict constructionist,’ which stood for states rights. The other side of this equation was called ‘loose constructionist,’ which believed in a strong national government at the expense of states rights.

This ideology has shifted between each political party since then. Consequently, each party in power adopting a ‘loose constructionist’ point of view. This gives the ruling party more power and control. Looking across the political landscape we have today; not much has changed. One other detail to note is that ‘strict constructionist’ seem to favor the farming industry which has always had the least voice among the ruling class.

This was true at the founding of our nation and still holds true even today. We no longer have a large majority of farmers; however, many do not fall into the category of what is now called the ruling elite. It is also interesting to note the George Washington leaned toward ‘loose’ constructionist’ points of view and was rumored to have disagreed with many points of the Declaration of Independence. He was a great leader, but the aristocratic leanings sometimes die hard. The influences from Europe would continue to have a foothold in American politics for many years to come. Even now, we still see these early ideologies in our modern day political arenas.

Thomas Jefferson Influenced Politics For Future Generations

Fast forward to Thomas Jefferson, a man who would forever shake the political landscape and further cement the platform upon which many generations would come to vote, view political bias and form the basis of their entire political agendas. Thomas Jefferson was not a friend of the aristocracy and formed what is called the Jeffersonian Party. It called itself the first Anti-Federalist party, then came to be known as the Democratic-Republican Party. They would eventually drop the name Democratic because to conservatives it represented bogeyman persona. They called themselves the Republican Party.

We need to be clear; this is not the Republican party that we know today. The Republican party we know today was reared in the fires of the 1850’s pre-Civil War and was diametrically opposed to slavery. Slavery was not an issue which Thomas Jefferson opposed. He was a Virginia Plantation owner rumored to have fathered children by his slaves.

Thomas Jefferson was a fascinating figure, politically speaking. He had his own ideas and was not afraid to voice them. John Adams believed in “A government by the rich, the well-born, and the able, excluding from participation all others.” Thomas Jefferson, on the other hand, stated he “favored government by the mob.”

Our Political Ideologies Today

The unfolding of American politics is vast and far-reaching. The ideologies that shape our political landscapes even today are rooted in these ideologies from our past. Pursuing the origins of the parties is a vast and wide project that shows the characteristics of many of our founding fathers. We can draw distinct conclusions from research that clearly show those principles that were argued over then are still being argued over today. We still see John Adams definition of government being played out in the Democratic platform. We also see that, sadly enough, it is being played out in the Republican party, as well.

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President Trump Is a Breath of Fresh Air

President Trump is a fresh voice in such a quagmire of political ambiguity. He is not the establishment of either party. He is a maverick that, for once in our history as a nation, is governing for the 90% instead of the 10%. Each day, more Americans are waking up to the fact that we finally have a President who is for the people of the country and not for the old aristocracy of a failed, European leadership. It is fair to say that in 240 plus years as a nation, we finally have a true President of the United States in Donald J. Trump.

President Trump has not only championed for the people of the United States of America; he is reaching around the world and freeing other nations as well. This is not a status quo President, a man only in it for what he can get as so many others have been. Compared to Ronald Reagan and even John F. Kennedy, we have never in our lifetime witnessed such a leader of the free world. The elite hate him, the globalists want to take him out, and the mainstream media blatantly lies about any accomplishment he makes. A man doing his job never makes friends of those who are lazy and self-serving. This makes Donald Trump a champion of the American people.

One final word regarding Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying “We need revolution every 25 years to clear out any aristocracies.’” Perhaps he was right. We are watching the second American revolution being fought not with guns, but with our voices, our dissent against governing forces meant to enslave us to the system further. The idea of a second revolution is alien to many Americans.

America Is Starting to Wake Up

The mainstream media has kept many asleep to the ever-widening gap between average Americans and big government. It is so ingrained in the American psyche to accept the status quo that we do not question what is being spoon fed to us daily. This is counterproductive to a healthy America free from tyranny, foreign and domestic. One does not have to do anything more than flip through the vast array of channels to see the opposing and dissenting points of view.

The different views of America are indeed frightening. There is one side that believes America should carry on as is and the other that says enough is enough. You can see how the ideologies of the past have affected and grown like cancer into our modern political landscape. If we, the people, do not stand for what is right for all Americans, we fall for what is wrong for all Americans.

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