French interior minister blasts UK for being too ‘economically attractive’ for illegal migrants

More drama between Britain and France, but no real plan is in place in either country to stop illegal Muslim migration.

Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Being Built Back Better As a ‘Woke Theme Park’

French President Emmanuel Macron vowed in April 2019 that the 850-year-old Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, one of the most monumental and iconic manifestations ...

After Appearing to Use French Accent In France, Kamala Harris Mocked

Kamala Harris appeared in France this week and donned a faux French accent. She was speaking at the Institut Pasteur about the U.S.-France alliance on ...

The Lovely European Dream for Macron is Over

Emmanuel Macron came out of nowhere and revived the European dream. In the same way, the 'yellow vests' came from nowhere to awaken France and Europe from that ...

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