Andrew Cuomo
NYPD Police Union Sues Governor Cuomo To End Vaccine Mandates

As vaccine mandates pile up across the country, some are fighting back, such as the Statin Island Police Department Police Union. One of the largest in ...

Political Intimidation will not work says Albany County Sheriff Investigating Andrew Cuomo

From Conservative Brief: The Albany County sheriff’s office says that it will not be “intimidated or coerced” in the criminal investigation of the state’s ...

Senate Plurality Payback: Inherent Violence and Systematic Discrimination in the New COVID BiIl

Is this something so evil, so antithetical to our Republic that people are even afraid to talk about it? everyone in the administration must be held ...

Cancelling Operation Talon: The Double-Standard For Victims

Democrat hypocrisy is on full display when it comes to accusations of sexual harassment, #metoo, and Operation Talon.

Patriot Housewives: Rush Limbaugh and Hypocrites

This week, Rose and Rebecca honor the great Rush Limbaugh and tackle all the news of the week - the good, the bad, and the weird.

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