NYPD Police Union Sues Governor Cuomo To End Vaccine Mandates

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As vaccine mandates pile up across the country, some are fighting back, such as the Statin Island Police Department Police Union.

One of the largest in the country, the police union took to Twitter to announce the lawsuit, which is challenging Cuomo’s attacks on unvaccinated policemen and threatening the safety of citizens across the state of New York.

The lawsuit asks the state’s Supreme Court to rule on the vaccine mandates in the state. Thus far, other such lawsuits have been shot down.

However, if the New York Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, there is a chance of temporary injunction on the mandates, which would allow many police to get back to work protecting their communities.

Some are skeptical that the New York Supreme Court will rule against vaccine mandates, but the constant barrage of lawsuits shows a tide of negative approval is fomenting over the vaccine mandates in New York.