Technology Review: ProtoArc’s Portable Mouse and Keyboard Setup

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In the modern world, many of us travel as a part of our daily life. Technologically, this brings us to a crossroads where we have to look at whether we want to the simplicity of a laptop or the computing power of a mini-computer. While there are options for both, high-end gaming laptops cost thousands of dollars and tend to be quite fragile. When we are looking for high quality, cost-effective tools, one needs not look any further than ProtoArc’s Foldable, Full-Sized Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Combo.


One of the great things about this wireless mouse and keyboard combo is that it is full- sized. If you have big monkey paws like I do, you need a large keyboard to type at full speed. The fact that the system is small in size allows users to store it in a backpack or purse, which increases the number of people who can use it in day to day life. The wireless feature is great for hotel rooms where you can hook a mini-comp up and use the TV as a monitor, getting work done in style. Its not a gaming keyboard/mouse system – but it doesn’t profess to be. It stays in its lane and delivers what it promises, making it a great technology addition to your travel kit. 8 of 10.

Ease of Set Up

Like the ProtoArc vertical mouse, which was recently reviewed (great product, check it out) this is a great system for easy set up. The dongle is tucked safely away in the mouse (it can be tricky to find if you don’t read the directions). You pop the dongle into your computer and you’re off to the races. It literally could not get any easier to set up. Fold the keyboard out and you are ready to go. Simple, elegant, and worth 10 of 10 for ease of set up.

Ease of Use

Once the unit was plugged in, it was just like using any other keyboard on the market. The system is only slightly smaller in width than my primary keyboard, which did take a little getting used to. The keyboard being flat also was different than my ergonomic keyboard, but remember: this is a travel set up. The mouse is small, a three button mouse with a track wheel. It was responsive and easy to use, though it didn’t fit in my big hands well, but once again, it is for travel. 6 of 10.


While there are no bells and whistles on this set up, there does not need to be. Anything beats having to type a report on your tablet at a hotel. This gives you a full-sized keyboard/mouse combo, which allows you some comfort. While it is not your home set up, it is a good set up that does not take up much space. As noted above, you can quickly tuck this into your briefcase, purse, or backpack to carry with you. It is light, not bulky, and comes in a carrying case. This makes it the perfect accessory for a traveler who still has do be ready to work at a moment’s notice. 9 of 10.

Cool Factor

This little system looks pretty cool. When you pop it out of the case, its sleek design can look good in a board room. While it is not designed to win any fashion contest, it has that sharp look that is great at a business meeting, on a plane or in your hotel room. It has the feel of a person who is on the cutting edge of technology, and is ready to work whenever there is work to do – and lets face it, there is a little bit of a hacker cool factor here as well. 8 of 10.


This is a great piece of tech to add to your travel kit. Most of us need to do some work when we travel, that is just the world we live in. Trying to type on your phone or tablet can be a pain, this keyboard gives you the comfort of home while you are away. While the system is not as comfortable as your home set up, it is lightyears better than when you are trying to type on a little screen or use a screen keyboard. With a score of 43 out of 50, this is a must-have for the business traveler.

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