Game Review: Pericle by Long Dog Games

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Number of Players: 1-4
Time: 2-4 hours (ongoing)
Game Type: App Assisted RPG
Gamer Type: Casual/RPG
Complexity: 6
RPGs are the bread and butter of the gaming industry. It seems like a natural evolution from Tabletop to RPG, but elements of both are kept by many players. One of the biggest drawbacks of RPGs is that you need to have a good Dungeon Master to have a good play experience. They work countless hours to create systems and scenarios where the players can have fun and they have to deal with the players trying to ‘get around’ their best laid plans. Enter Pericle, a next generation RPG with an app assisted DM experience so you can all have fun with the game.


As with any RPG, you build the story. The Loremaster web app does ensure that you stay closer to the stories primary plot; however, there is still the necessary growth for a good RPG. The app allows for more response than a “pick your adventure book” and allows for the scenario to dictate what the opposition will do. You have the ability to create your own character or use one of the pre-generated characters from the kit. Overall, it gives you the change to build a story with your friends, without one friend having to be the bad guy. 9.5 of 10.


The box is a standard large/medium box, so it will fit with your bigger box games such as Silver River. This makes it sit well on the shelf. The stark black box gives passage to the dungeon crawler world of Pericle. The cover art on the box is well done, also. Once you open the box, it is magical. Both rule books are well done. The player forms are laid out in a way that will allow you to track your play progress. This builds a great experience for the player.

The boards are works of art, each one meticulously drawn out to build the experience for you. Add to these well-made standees (plastic, not cardboard) and you have a playfield that draws the player in. Even the dice are painstakingly designed to augment the play experience. This game is a masterwork, worthy of its RPG legacy. 9 of 10.


This game is a dice-chuckers dream. With several different types of dice, you get the classic RPG feel. The big change is the computer sitting there with you. Through use of the app, different movements and scenarios can be played out by the characters. Now this will give you more of a Final Fantasy than Fallout Vibe, but still, for not needing to have a DM work hours to set up your game, this is pretty amazing. Player movement is determined by the environment and the hex board (which is massive). This allows for interesting mechanics as you explore the world. 7.5.


10 of 10. This is one of the good RPGs that allow you to build your character the way want to build your character. This also allows you to step away from the archetypes into a more modular world. There is not a whole lot to say here; this game lets you play the way you want to play.


Computer-aided games, for better or worse, are becoming the fad in gameplay. I think Pericle walks the line between being technology-enhanced and avoiding the pitfalls of “lack of socialization” because people have their faces buried in their phone. The RPG feels enough like what we are used to, which enables it to have the nostalgia we look for in RPGs. However, the technological aspect allows it to be new and shiny. Once again, Long Dog games walks a fine line and comes out as near-perfect as possible between creativity and tradition, 8.5 of 10.


This is great a game, well worth its price tag. Whereas a full set of D&D books costs you nearly $800 (used), this game comes ready for you to play for a fraction of the cost. While Pericle will grow in its complexity and its universe will expand (with third party content), you have the chance to be there at the beginning while the new story is being written. With a score of 44.5, this game is a monster. The rule book is clear and the player handbook gives you a world of options. This is a game you want to check out, play by yourself or play with friends – this may be the future of RPGs.

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