Game Review Update: Starlux Magenta Expansion

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While this is not really a review, this is an update I want to share with you, our readers. Starlux games has introduced a new expansion for Capture the Flag Redux. One of the drawbacks of the original game is that only two teams could play. Now with the magenta expansion, more players can enter the field.

This helps overcome some of the problems of limited sets. In the original system, even if you bought multiple sets, you had so many people going toward one target or another. Now, you have the ability to move those teams into three groups, which allows you to have a bigger field and more targets. This opens the door to bigger games for children (or those who are children at heart.)

If you have the original set, this is a great addition. If you do not have the original set, this can be a great reason to pick it up along with the expansion. Any event that gets kids out from in front of their screens and running around is a great addition to the gaming world. Definitely something to pick up.

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