Ace Magic Review: Innovative Lines for Innovative Times

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One of the most difficult choices a person has to make is what type of computer they want in their home. In most cases, we rely on our handheld devices for day in, day out interactions. This has lifted a lot of the “light work” from personal computers. Now, personal computers are used for graphics processing, streaming, and other “HD” activities. To wit, we see the need for computers that can deal in the modern 4K world. This is why we are looking at Ace Magic.

Recently, I have reviewed two of their mini-computers. But today, we are discussing why they are an innovator in the field. In many cases, you are getting a low-quality, cheap knockoff computer or laptop for a high-budget price. However, Ace Magic is flipping that model on its head. They are presenting higher-quality, lower-cost mini-PCs at a fraction of the cost. This paradigm shift is getting good computers in the hands of people who need them, without “sticker shock” for the price tag.

Take, for example, the S1 Mini PC, which we recently reviewed. This is a higher end mini PC, which is selling for $179 for Cyber Monday (regularly $338). For most people, this is the kind of computer they would need for streaming and playing games, making videos, or processing data. It also comes with a decent hard drive.

Another example is AX15 Laptop series. Once again, there is a great price for cyber Monday, $560 (regularly $998). This is a portable laptop with an N95 system and half a terabyte hard drive. Whether you are a business person who travels a lot, a college student studying, or even a high school student looking to game and learn, it is a reasonable price for a good machine.

While there is not space to look at their entire line here (we will review them as they come in), it is important to note that these are good quality machines at a great price. This could be a market entry that ends the days of $2,500 gaming computers for regular players. It is also a good system for those who want a discrete mini-computer in their house or a sharp looking laptop. Ace Magic is bringing all of this to the table and could be a market defining force in the near future. Make sure to check out their holiday sales.

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